Photoelectric sensor CX-482, CX-411

Dec 17th, 2011

Brand: SUNX – god looks at

Name: Photoelectric sensor CX-482, CX-411

Type: CX-482,CX-411

About products:

The brand-new original packaging god looks at the optic fibre sensor

The products are detailed:

Grating NA2-N8P.NA2-N12D, NA2-N16, SUNX sensor agent SUNX sensor. Agent SUNX sensor agent
SUNX (god looks at) PM-T44, SUNX) PM-T44

SUNX digital presume /. SUNX presumes manually / SUNX simulation is exported
FX-301, /FX-311, FX-7, FZ-11, FX-302, FX-303, FX-305/
SUNX photoelectric sensor / SUNX electric eye / SUNX photoelectric switch
It is small-scale /whorl /ultrathin /long distance / U / power disposing type
CX-482,CX-411, CX-412, CX-491, , CX-422, CX-423, CX-441, CX-442
EX-31A, EX-31B, EX-32A, EX-32B, EX-21A, EX-21B, EX-23, EX-24, EX-29A, EX-29B, EX-22A
EX-22B, EX-24A, EX-24B, EX-26A, EX-26B, EX-28A, EX-28B, EX-15E, EX-17E, EX-14A, EX-14B, EX-15, EX-15E,EX-13A,GX-5M,FX-A1,EX-F71-PN
EX-11A, EX-11B, EX-13A, EX-13B, EX-19A, EX-19B, EX-17, EX-11EA, EX-11EB, EX-13EA, EX-13EB/, EX-15E, EX-13B sells the telephone number: 0755-61329203,13923754122,QQ: 294794391,The bold family property Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, sells to the god and looks at SUNX photoelectric sensor in special price, amplifier,
EQ-34,/EQ-34W,EQ-42,EQ-44,EQ-43,EQ-43T,EQ-501,EQ-501T/ ,EQ-22
RX-M10,RX-M50,RX-M2R,RX-500G,RX-PRVM3,RX-D700,RX-PRV500,RX-RVM5,RX-D2 PM-F54,PM-R54/ PM-R44

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