Programmable terminal station NT31-ST123-EV3 of OMRON Omron

Dec 12th, 2011

Brand: OMRON – Omron

Name: Programmable terminal station NT31-ST123-EV3 of OMRON Omron

Type: NT31-ST123-EV3

About products:

Sell the programmable terminal station NT31-ST123-EV3 MSN of OMRON Omron from stock in special price: [email protected] online commercial QQ: 14842969

The products are detailed:

NT31-STN can programme the terminal brand-new original packaging normal product and welcome the consulting telephone of incoming telegram: 0769-85344985 mobile phones: 15338045035 commercial QQ: 1484296979MSN: [email protected] adopts 32 RISC chips, faster – can realize that convey the picture – can be changed and carried the light at the scene conveniently with the memory unit, realize long-life – guarantee able to bear environmenting while being outstanding equal to IP65F – with polychromed to reveal the figure, can observe several data – spring the function of the window, utilize the picture – warning function effectively more conveniently, know the wrong content immediately, it is 2 times that of before to improve the table number of the operation conditions of the machine – memory

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