Quality detection system of the production line

Feb 3rd, 2012

Brand: SDI

Name: Quality detection system of the production line

Type: LeakTESTER

About products:

Quality detection system of the production line

The products are detailed:

It is that an enterprise makes the core of winning of the competition to produce the high-quality products in the great environment of the market. Any sealed defect can cause great losses under this background. Find that lets out the last products assembly of whole production line, avoid the unpleasant accident or delivery delay.
A special material may infiltrate. Seal and let out and weld the question.
Leak, measure and seal, monitor, belong to composition to can’t harm the detection technique. The principle is an acceptable leakage rate that is based on defining in advance, as basis value and production choosing to be monitored totally or partially.
A kind of new technology puts out the production cost trying hard to reduce you.

Performance, flexibility and a economic one of LeakTESTER, until good substitution solve, used for, measure, leak at the production line generally one a brand-new one. It offer it by accuracy and dependability / cost on the ones best than,moreover, employ output not to be reduced great majority by cost priced that be tested each while turning.
This is that latest technology and technology that is known of SDT are in the industrial environment, make it offer this service.

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