RB-TZ_ point pattern _ flammable _ gas detector

Mar 4th, 2012

Brand: Other

Name: RB-TZ_ point pattern _ flammable _ gas detector

Type: RB-TZ

About products:

Order the guide: 0531-81980119  Choose the type according to the gas examined According to measuring mediums ‘ Gasification of coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas) Confirm the products

The products are detailed:

Application: 0531-81980119  Apply to trades such as the gas, petroleum, chemical industry, coal, electric pharmacy, metallurgy, coking,etc. extensively Any production, warehousing and transportation, using the body of place of the flammable and explosive or poisonous harmful gas Accumulate 185mm(L) 101mm(W) 75mm(H) Weight 1.2 kilograms of sensors catalyze burning, electrochemistry or semiconductor Spreading type of the way of taking a sample of electric interface G1/2 The explosion-proof indicates ExdIICT6 installs the way and fixes the support, is in charge of installing, wall to install Measure the precision & plusmn; 3%F· S  Response time It is warm that smaller than 30 seconds Degree -40 ℃- 80 ℃ humidity is less than or equal to 95% RH Working voltage DC 18-36V

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