ROLLON bearing, linear guide, slide rail

Mar 17th, 2012

Brand: Dragon of ROLLON – Japan

Name: ROLLON bearing, linear guide, slide rail


About products:

ROLLON slide rail, ROLLON bearing, ROLLON linear guide, ROLLON rotor

The products are detailed:

ROLLON, the intersection of ROLLON and guide, the intersection of ROLLON and slide rail, the intersection of ROLLON and bearing, the intersection of ROLLON and linear guide, the intersection of ROLLON and rotor, ROLLON slip pieces of slipping device, ROLLON gyro wheel

Common electromechanical international trade ‘ Shanghai) Favourable agent’s Italian ROLLON guide limited company, ROLLON slide rail, the intersection of ROLLON and bearing, the intersection of ROLLON and linear guide, the intersection of ROLLON and rotor, ROLLON slip pieces of slipping device, ROLLON gyro wheel. Italian ROLLON Company enters the domain of rectilinear motion since 1975, ROLLON has made the products of many kinds of series, have solved a large number of problems of the field of designing and making in machinery etc.. ROLLON guide widely used in: Assemble machinery, load and unload stereoscopically, medical machinery, numerous fields such as hoisting machinery, carving machinery, drawing machinery, welding robot, cutting the shelter panel in machinery, general machinery and industrial production. Its main product is as follows, ROLLON flexible guide, lead one in ROLLON drawer type, carry on one’s shoulder or back and lead one, ROLLON heavy load to carry on one’s shoulder or back guides etc. in ROLLON straight line bearing, ROLLON linear component, ROLLON linear slide rail, ROLLON heavy load. The series of ROLLON products are as follows, ROLLON COMPACT RAIL (series 18, series 28, series 43, series 63) ; ROLLON TELESCOPPIC RAIL (series ROLLON DS, series ROLLON DE, series ROLLONDBN, series LTF44, series ASN) ; EASY RAIL (series SN22, series SN28, series SN35, series SN43, series SN63) ; UNI LINE (series A, series C, series E, series ED75) ; ECO LINE; X RAIL. Some types of ROLLON guide are enumerated: TLV18, ULV18, NT18, NU18, TLC18, ULC18, CSW18-60-2Z, CSW18-80-2RS, CSW18-100-2Z, CSW18-120-2R,etc..
EASY RAIL of ROLLON Company is a kind of firm linear guide, it is by offering the method to solve the problem briefly very according to the price of the competitiveness, have reflected this kind of product is successful on the market. Like other ROLLON products, this kind of product is made of cold-rolled steel products, the inner surface of orbit, through hardening treatment, slip piece use repeated industrial production especially. EASY RAIL linear guide even if the load under the abominable condition of work keeps good performance with sports. They are high in quality with it, the price is reasonable, sports are flexible and compact and is famous for. The intersection of type and product this have 5 size, guide its and slip yuan have countless modes of combination by solving different problems that users face, have a plurality of slip piece, slip among the piece running alone or a plurality of run synchronously.
The improvement of bearing guide serial products brings a revolution to industry. COMPACT RAIL HP type is that design engineers have solved a large amount of difficult problems that they face every day, the guide of the bearing is made of cold-rolled steel, an inner surface contacted strengthens treatment through the hardness with slipping, slip piece get very kind protection while running among them. Like all ROLLON products, it slip yuan realize the most smooth movement, the guide is installed and money more easily and packaging is simple and convenient, these have saved a large amount of time. Can install in crude surface,and can on the premise of not influencing load and moving performance ” Make a reservation accurately automatically ” . To slip piece in harden sport at treatment, accurate radioactive ball bearing processed very much all, these have been guaranteed Slippery pieces of high speed of sport ‘ Gao Da 9m/s) , quiet with the good operation in the dirty environment.

Some following types explain:
ROLLON DBAS28-450, ROLLON DBN43-290, ROLLON DEV43-690 , ROLLON DEV43-530-556, ROLLON DSS-28-770, ROLLON DSS43-610, DEF28-6101806, ROLLON K63, NK63, ROLLON NU63, NT28, ROLLON NT43, ROLLON TLC43-640, NT43, ROLLON TLC43-880, ROLLON NU43, ROLLON M11375011, NK43, ROLLON M11373059, ROLLON NK63, NT63, ROLLON M11374059, ROLLON SN22-130-770-930, ROLLON SN35-450-670-1170, ROLLON TLV18-240TLC18-800, ROLLON TLC18-320TL18-500, ROLLON TLV28-480, ROLLON TLV28-800, ROLLON TLV28-1520, ROLLON TLC43-560, ROLLON TLC43-480, ROLLON TLC43-560, ROLLON TLC431920, ROLLON TLC43-1120, ROLLON TLC43-1120, ROLLON M11373059, ROLLON TLC43-1120, ROLLON M11375011, ROLLON TLC63-700, ROLLON TLC63-960, ROLLON TLC63-1040, ROLLON TLC63-800, ROLLON M11374059, ROLLON TLV28-720, ROLLON TLV43-400, ROLLON TLV28-720, ROLLON UCL18-320, ULC43-560, ROLLON ULC43-1120, ROLLON UCL18-500, ROLLON UL43-3600, ROLLON KLC63-1840O, ROLLON ROLLON LC63-1840, ROLLON AS22T-100, ROLLON TLC63-700C63, ROLLON ASN43-210DTM, ROLLON S43S-800DTM, ROLLON S43S-900, ROLLON TLV43-400, ROLLON cpn28-2zDTM, S43S- 800, LV28-960, NTE28, SN43-210-270-530, DSS43-1170, AS22T-100,NK63,TL63-1120,KLV43,TP43-400,NRS43-150,TP43-1000,TL18-500,UL18-500C,SW18-60C,SW18-100,ASN43-770.

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