RTQH-60_SF6 gas retrieves and purifies and fills and puts the device

Feb 16th, 2012

Brand: Open up generally sharp

Name: RTQH-60_SF6 gas retrieves and purifies and fills and puts the device

Type: RTQH-60_SF6

About products:

It is a factory used for insulating electric equipment of SF6 gas that RTQH-60 SF6 gas retrieves and purifies and fills and puts the device, use and run departments such as scientific research,etc., smoke the vacuum to various electric equipment, fill the electric equipment into SF6 gas, and from enabling

The products are detailed:

This device according to DL/T662-1999 “six sulphur fluoride inflate and recovery device “standard, the device is retrieved the system, inflatable system, smoked vacuum system, cleaning system, gas storage system to make up, have the following main functions:

1,Smoke the measurement of vacuum and vacuum degree in fitting this machine and electric equipment;

2,Retrieve the gas in the electric equipment;

3,Carry on drying, purification to SF6 gas retrieved and filled;

4,Inflate SF6 electric apparatus;

5,Compress and store SF6 gas in the electric apparatus. The main function of the recovery device:

Second, technical requirement

One) , the main characteristic of products:

1.Adopt Germany DILO Company’s systematic principle, the design is advanced, multiple functional, the structure is rational, operation is succinct and distinct.

2.Compress the system to introduce and compress one pair of forms of technology to move the compressor abroad, this compressor can compress SF6 gas into liquid state and store SF6 and store in the pot directly, (or adopt and refrigerate compression auxiliarily to store) ,The ones that have realized SF6 gas have had no oil to retrieve fast.

3.Release the vacuum system to adopt one pair of vortex sheet type vacuum pumps, the vacuum speed is quick, and prevent returning to the oil device in the system.

4.Retrieve the pressurized system and adopt the single stage vortex sheet pump ‘ Diaphragm pump) Retrieve incompletely and force down, fast.

5.The cleaning system adopts U.S.A. to send the principle filter of Neil Company, the filter increases and adopts the electricity of built-in vacuum to heat and install the high-efficient adsorbent inside, purify further more prominent result ‘ Needn’t frequently change adsorbents) .

6.The device electric system three-phase power is confirmed, adjusted automatically.

7.The control system of the device adopts SF6 specialized valve of the latest patented technology, more reliable than the like product ball valve of foreign countries.

8.Store system, can allocate of different specification capacity to store the liquid pot while being arbitrary according to user’s needs.

9.The apparatus is adopted air-cooledly and portably, can use in cases there is no external source of water.

Two) , main performance and technical parameter:

Main performance and technical parameter


The device terminal vacuum degree (Pa)


Vacuum pump speed of the device


14.4( 4)

28.8( 8)

108( 30)

54( 15)

108( 30)

54( 15)

108( 30)

54( 15)

108( 30)

252( 70)

Inflatable speed (M3/h) of the device

> 5

> 6

> 8

The device retrieves the pressure of the beginning (Mpa)

Less than or equal to 0.8

The device retrieves the end pressure (Kpa)

1-5 (according to the products technical requirement)

The device compresses and retrieves the speed (M3/h)





Device annual the leakage rate ‘ %)


Supreme design pressure (Mpa) of the device

4.0 (according to the products technical requirement)

Store the specification ( M3) of the pot


Dry regeneration purifies and filters the way

Vacuum heat activate, produce Li since regeneration

Third, apolegamy are disposed

One) , compressor and vacuum pump apolegamy disposition:

Can select


Main parameter


There is no oil

Retrieve the speed: 0-150kg/h

There is oil

Retrieve the speed: O-120kg/ h

Vacuum pump

One pair of vortex sheet types

Smoke the vacuum speed: 64m3/ h

The vortex sheet of the single stage is smoked

Smoke the vacuum speed: 200m3/ h

Thatch pump group smokes the silk gauze

Smoke the vacuum speed: 253m3/ h

Two) , SF6 type of storing the pot and selecting for use:

Type ( m3)






Volume (L)






Container classification

Class II

Design pressure (Mpa)


Maximum reserves (kg)






The remarks: This factory can customize various disposition recovery devices according to user’s special requirement.

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