Jan 19th, 2012

Brand: Schneeberger – construct and is able to bear Bogg


Type: MR25, MR35

About products:


The products are detailed:


Shanghai the intersection of swan and the intersection of source and electric automatic Co., Ltd. supply guide, SCHNEEBERGER, SCHNEEBERGER, SCHNEEBERGER of Swiss, establish in 1923 while being favourable, 80 years ago, SCHNEEBERGER (construct and is able to bear Bogg) Design and produce the first straight line guide in the world, establish the foundation that straight line technology in whole world of today. SCHNEEBERGER made the standard for the bearing capacity, dependability, economy of the straight line guide long ago, these standards have become current industrial standards quickly. As the professional manufacturer of guide of the accurate straight line, SCHNEEBERGER adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world. MONORAIL guide of SCHNEEBERGER is designed for the lathe specially. Their enormous bearing capacity and impact ability have guaranteed its long-life and operation not almost needed to safeguard. High hardness and smoothness of running of the guide have not merely guaranteed the best size precision and surface smooth finish of the work piece in work, and lengthened the life-span of the tool, so has raised the output. SCHNEEBERGER is the first company proposing the standard Model R straight line guide in the world, have already been recognized as the industrial standard at present. Roller or ball guide in in, by respect extensive application, can also circulate the module to make with SR or SK type of SCHNEEBERGER up at the same time, dispose the unrestricted journey and move the organization. N/O type designs the needle type straight line guide into rolling, the application of very suitable heavily loaded respect of these antifrictional guides. The needle keeps the shelf to combine very close rolling, this kind of guide has fairly good rigidity. SCHNEEBERGER adopt plastics and the intersection of maintenance and shelf that steel make up, resistance that produce its needle keep shelf take little much than roll while being similar. The new MINIRAIL series guide is made up of two miniature guides. As to the thing that those need packing the robot small-scaly of accurate sports, it is a very ideal way to use MINIRAIL guide. Size series MINIRAIL include 7, 9, 12, 15 With 14, 18, 24, 42, The guide length can reach 980 mm for two kinds of year in advances to the greatest extent and the precision grade can be chosen, the size of the products accords with DIN 645-2. Its main series and specification are as follows: Schneeberger guide
MR roller guide: MR25, MR35, MR45, MR55, MR65, MR100 Schneeberger guide
BM ball guide: BM15, BM20, BM25, BM30, BM35, BM45 Schneeberger guide
R Type: Schneeberger guides such as R1, R2, R3, R6, R9, R12, R15,etc.
RN type: RN3, RN4, RN6, RN9, RN12 Schneeberger guide
RNG type: RNG4, RNG6, RNG9, RNG12 Schneeberger guide
N/O type: N/O 62015, 92025, 2025, 2535, 3045, 3555
M/V type: M/V 3015, 4020, 5025, 6035, 7040, 8050 Schneeberger guide
NK type: NK1, NK2, NK3, NK6, NK9 Schneeberger guide
NKL type: NKL1, NKL2, NKL3, NKL6 Schneeberger guide
ND type: ND1, ND2, ND3 Schneeberger guide
NDN type: NDN 0,5, NDN 1, NDN 2
Miniature guide: MN7, MN9, MN12, MN15, MN14, MN18, MN24, MN42 Schneeberger guide

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