Semi-conductive heater SHG 140

Jan 16th, 2018

First, name of product: Semi-conductive heater

Second, Item Model: SHG 140

Third, products advantage: Voltage-clamping interlinkage, temperature limit, voltage range wide, intensify dynamically and energy-conserving the intersection of guide rail and card install, install soon.

Fourth, products use: The heater is used in the electric box, prevents that it is lower than the minimum demand value to produce the drop of water or temperature, avoid corrosion, aluminium enclosure chimney type design, can distribute heat evenly, pressure the intersection of pincers and interface unit simplify, install while being convenient, save time.

Fifth, products technical parameter index:

1.Working voltage: 120-240V AC/DC 110V

2.Heating unit: Thermal resistor, self-regulate and limit the temperature

3.Radiator: Aluminum alloy of anodic oxidation

4.Connect: 3 grades are inserted the minor terminal table, insert the line thickness 0.5-2.2mm2

5.Install the mode: The guide rail card is installed

6.Assemble the position: Vertical

7.Operating temperature: -45+70 ¡æ

8.Protect the grade: IP20

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