Serial high-performance vector frequency converters of Alpha frequency converter ALPHA 6000

Dec 3rd, 2011

Brand: Alpha – Alpha

Name: Serial high-performance vector frequency converters of Alpha frequency converter ALPHA 6000

Type: 6000 series ALPHA

About products:

About products: Unique vector control the intersection of algorithm and the intersection of module and software design, but flexible to dispose specialized the intersection of module and dynamic the intersection of torque and electric current, control, respond to and support the change and select 7046 electrical machineries of auspicious Sa for use and control 32 C at a high speeds specializedly fast

The products are detailed:

Power range: 5.5Kw-400Kw

The design that consumers first makes the idea:
Input the voltage fluctuating range & plusmn; 20%
The function parameter can revise and look over online
LCD, LED two kinds introduce the keyboard from other localities or foreign countries availably
Pass EMC test, performance is stable and reliable
Many ways can define multi-functionally that input the output end son
Users integrate the specialized module which control the scheme
The abundant trouble protects and runs and monitors the function
Prevent the electron from protecting the paint and handling the craft three times, strengthen environmental adaptive capacity
The strict quality control system offers the high-quality steady products to customer
It can be active and having no source, source very much and leaking the extreme mouth with various of compatible market demand that the figure is input

The strong function is set up:
Automatic energy-conservation runs
PID closes the ring and controls the function
Put and control the function frequently in textile
Load distributes and controls the function
Two sets of electrical machinery parameters are switched over
Control the function simple and easy and servo long definitely
PLC multistage speed presumes the function freely
The characterized hardware has not assaulted the rotational speed to follow the trail of the function
Built-in RS485 communication, support MODBUS-RTU communication agreement

Applicable trade:
Petrochemical industry
Processing industry of plastic
Textile printing and dyeing trade
Print packaging in papermaking
Conveyor belt (multistage speed is controlled)
The fluid machinery, the water pump of the air blower
Metal processing equipment of the numerical control lathe
Revolving door, the automatically controlled door runs and controls
Fabrics machine, the production equipment of the chemical fibre

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