Servo electrical machinery series A5 of Panasonic

Jan 3rd, 2012

Brand: Panasonic – Panasonic

Name: Servo electrical machinery series A5 of Panasonic

Type: MHMD042G1U+MBDHT2510

About products:

Brand-new and original packaging, high-quality quality, complete after-sale service, the price has advantages.

The products are detailed:

A5 Panasonic develops AC servo motor ” MINAS-A5 ” with higher responsiveness Series . Responding to 1kHz more original in frequency doubles, reaches 2kHz. After the ones that use while imbedding and making semiconductor and liquid crystal stick to one slice of machines, probe and electronic unit and seal devices such as installation,etc., can make the moving department start or stop rapidly. In addition has also played some time in reducing vibration, has contributed to shortening the single production time to make the device. For inhibit from, shake, the number is increased to 10 very much rotor at first, reduce the tooth’s socket moment. Secondly, inhibit the wave filter and reduces and shake the wave filter, will shake and drop to original 1/8 through the built-in resonance. And in light to quantize respect, improve rotor and design and craft of stator, make the weight lighten by 10- 25% than before. In addition, the ease of use has been improved too. This development can carry on the device to get up briefly the assembly of the movement industry supports to use the software. Supporting Japanese, English, Chinese and 4 languages of Korean, the staff of the overseas factory can also operate easily. Accord with the waterproof specification IP67, water-proof and is able to bear oilily and very outstanding. The voltage is three kinds 100V, 200V, 400V according to output power. The largest rotational speed is 6000rpm ‘ But under 750W) . The output power range is 50W- 15kW. The characteristic of the A5 series electrical machinery: Power: Different characteristics of 50W- 5kW inertia are improved: The trough orients the torque 0.5% melt under small-scaly and ultraly and lightly: The trade is the lightest ‘ 1kW- 5kW) High decomposing rate: Absolute type 17bit, increment type 20bit are able to bear environmental performance to upgrade: IP67 structure connected: The whole capacity connects and melts characteristic power of the A5 series driver: It is single-phase AC100V, it is single /last mode 3 phase AC200V: Torque, speed, position, close the control parameter of the ring completely: Expand presuming automatically range and PC communicate: Correspond to USB new software to presume, the performance is upgraded and installed: Exchange the servo electrical machinery MINAS A5 series products of Panasonic with A4: 1, Realize the quickest speed of the trade and respond to the frequency 2.0KHz and improve the operation speed through exclusive brand-new LSI that develops, allocate the high response based on torque feedforward at the same time and control the function. Adopt fastest speed and localization responsiveness of the trade, it is the fastest device. In addition it is low to respond to the delay, and will shake and reduce to the minimum limit. Adopt unique signal treatment technology, develop 1,040,000 brand-new pulse 20bit encoders; Through adopting 10 of the electrical machinery rotors to polarise, the magnetic field to analyze the brand-new design of technology, have reduced the pulsating width, has realized the minimum in trade low tooth’s socket, and reduce the torque change by improving speed stability and electrical machinery and rotating the position, thus the stability oriented in improvement by a wide margin; The ones that have input and feedbacked and exported and all realized 4Mpps in order are corresponded to at a high speed, including corresponding closing the ring completely of standard, can all realize the high-resolution operate and operate at a high speed. 2,Have allocated the trade fastest, installed very simple and convenient high performance real-timely to gain and adjust the function automatically; After installing, are operate the convenient work and finish adjusting automatically several times; While wanting to adjust the responsiveness, only need to change the assorted convenient job of a parameter and carrying on simple adjustment, gain and adjust the mode as using and installing and supporting software, can carry on more appropriate adjustment, allocate, enter put unstable state, while being servo, can reduce gain inhibit shaking the function automatically automatically, can reduce the probability that the device damage. Have appropriate vertical axle, frictional force loud also in addition ‘ Belt,etc.) Various organization mode. Only need to be chosen mode and rigidity, can carry on the best adjustment easily. 3,Panasonic servo electrical machinery series A5 there are 4 at most to fall into wave wave filter, presume the frequency as 50 5000Hz, all can carry on density adjustment. (2 among them can use with presuming automatically) ; The ones that can allocate presuming automatically are made and shaking the wave filter: Make and shake the filter and import and remove the inherent vibration frequency according to the order, can reduce the swing of the axle while stopping by a wide margin, 2 in the past machine of quantity of wave filter rise to 4, applicable frequency is expanded to 200Hz by 1 too. Realize the light quantization, miniaturization by a wide margin of the electrical machinery: Have developed the new work method of small-scale electrical machinery, large-scale electrical machinery separately, and design the brand-new inner works, having succeeded in realizing the miniaturization of electrical machinery, the weight ratio of the large-scale electrical machinery above 1KW was lightened by 10~25% (1-6KG) in the past . 4,Servo motor Model MSME electrical machinery ( 750W) of Panasonic Supreme rotational speed reach 6000r/min. And can interchangeably use with the servo electrical machinery of A4 series Panasonic. 5,The daily type of Panasonic A5 serial servo electrical machineries: 100W: Common MSMD012G1U +MADHT1505 Pulse type MSMD012G1U +MADHT1505E 200W: Common MSMD022G1U +MADHT1507 Pulse type MSMD022G1U +MADHT1507E large inertia common type MHMD022G1U +MADHT1507 pulse type MHMD022G1U +MADHT1507E 400W: Common MSMD / MHMD042G1U +MBDHT2510 pulse type MSMD / MHMD042G1U +MBDHT2510E 750W: Common MSMD / MHMD082G1U +MCDHT3520 pulse type MSMD / inertia 1.0KW in the servo electrical machinery of MHMD082G1U +MCDHT3520E Panasonic: Common MDME102GCG +MDDHT3530 Pulse type MDME102GCG +MDDHT3530E 1.5KW: Common MDME152GCG +MDDHT5540 Pulse type MDME152GCG +MDDHT5540E 2.0KW: Common MDME202GCG +MDDHT7364 Pulse type large inertia of servo electrical machinery of MDME202GCG +MDDHT7364E Panasonic 1.0KW: Common MHME102GCG +MDDHT3530 Pulse type MHME102GCG +MDDHT3530E 1.5KW: Common MHME152GCG +MDDHT5540 Pulse type MHME152GCG +MDDHT5540E 2.0KW: Common MHME202GCG +MDDHT7364 Pulse type MHME202GCG +MDDHT7364E

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