Servo maintenance of the frequency converter of Siemens

Feb 24th, 2012

Brand: Siemens

Name: Servo maintenance of the frequency converter of Siemens

Type: MM440

About products:

Pigeonhole frequency converter, use for low pressure run to change speed drive first-selected the intersection of Siemens and abundant low pressure of system drive systematic product mix global and most intact in the low-voltage frequency converter, overall drive system family. Rely on the flexibility, functionality of the high grade

The products are detailed:

The frequency converter of Siemens is maintained: | Home | Low-voltage frequency converter | China presses the frequency converter | Maintenance procedure | Return
Yes characteristic:
O adopts DSP ‘ Digital signal processor) It is a central control unit, realize the high-performance control of the high speed.
O collects V/F control, control of V/F + PG, vector and controls + PG three kinds of control functions in an organic whole.
The vector wave form of o three kinds of space voltage produced the way.
O dead district compensates the function, realizes the low frequency exports the torque big.
O transfers to difference compensation automatically.
O ten kinds of frequency presume the way, the simulation end son can accept the self-defining range signal within 0~10V, 0~20mA.
O can realize seven sections of speeds and eight sections of acceleration are controlled at most.
The intersection of o and 6 Luis is programmable to output the control end son.
O built-in PID function, can realize high performance closes the control of ring speed
O can support 0~10V, 1~5V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA feedback signal
The direct electric current that oPID regulates applies the brake.
Function that o rotational speed follows the trail of and starts and cuts out and resumes running again.
O strong communication function, supports standard Rs485 and Can Bus, offer and accuse of the keyboard function far at the same time.
O humanization reveals menus, the Chinese liquid crystal reveals, add LED to reveal, reveals 3 state parameters at the same time.
O goes against and turns characterizedly into the module (IGBT) Wen Sheng controls the function, the fan is regulated controlledly, reduce noise and Wen Sheng of the electrical machinery in right time.
Inquire and record the function in o high-efficient trouble, it is convenient to fix a breakdown.
O parameter protects the function.
O unique design, makes the pollution of the power of the frequency converter lowest.
It is likewise outstanding that o behaves while exchanging the synchronous motor of permanent magnetism and controlling in three phases.

Maintenance procedure:
1,Contact us, offer basic information such as products type and trouble situation
2,We will make accident analysis and preliminary quotation to the products
3,Please need products of maintenance send department this to ‘ Or send to our company directly)
4,Measure the trouble of the products
5,Provide examining report of the products and final maintenance cost for you to offer
6,Offer after you approve, we are go on and maintain (if to offer and does not approve of to product ing and then, can have consultations with our company, can’t resolve through consultation, return the former state of the products in your department)
7,Our company will maintain and fruit the report (a, maintenance succeed in one for you at the latest: The fund gets to deliver; B, maintenance fail: The former state passes back to expensive department) .

Connect and repair serving in 24 hours, the test of fast reaction.

Check, first nuclear and maintain prices free, approve of users and pay and maintain again. Abundance of the spare part, quick service. All maintain the frequency converter guaranteed by load testing, quality, the circuit board one grade of maintenance price is favourable.

Can offer and make house calls, fast, the price is excellent.

The company measures the machine maintained free. Answer the question that various frequency converters meet free.

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