Seven Up HD710 economy common frequency converter

Feb 10th, 2012

Brand: Seven Up

Name: Seven Up HD710 economy common frequency converter


About products:

Seven Up HD710 economy common frequency converter ‘ Power range: 0.45KW-7.5KW) It is a practical common frequency converter of a simple and easy economy.

The products are detailed:

HD710 performance characteristic:
The advanced electrical machinery controls algorithms
High performance opened the ring vector to control
V/F optimized controls
The excellent one adds and moderates the slope to control
The electrical machinery parameter is distinguished fast
Overload capacity:
150% of the amount exports electric current for one minute
The torque of low frequency is exported:
0.5Hz100% torque
1Hz150% torque

HD710 main hardware characteristic
Double CPU deals with, controls more accurately
5.5kW-7.5KW marks and mixes the built-in direct current resisting device, marks and mixes the built-in unit of applying the brake
Built-in EMC wave filter, designs a bit more brokenly, it is convenient to insert and break, meet different application demands
PCB coats and designs, increases the environmental adaptability
Unique control end son: The simple electronic switch presumes, can finish carrying the sub source, leaking the type to change
Adopt PIM integrated module of new generation
Simulation is given to (electric current) definitely Break and measure the function availably
Outstanding hot modelling realizes IGBT reliable heat is protected
The fan does not have cable that is designed, it is convenient to dismantle
Can connect the auxiliary fan, is suitable for more abominable environment

Main function characteristic
The parameter is succinct, easy to use
The low generatrix voltage runs in way ( 400V)
The automatic voltage is adjusted (AVR)
The frequency of the signal carrier is regulated automatically
The rotational speed follows and starts the function
Support starting, direct current of shutting down to apply the brake
The frequency jumps to control the function
The strong electronic electric potential counts the function, the convenient one, to regulating definitely
Complete protection function:
To passing flowing, excessive pressure, overload, overheated and owing and pressing, exporting, lacking the equal trouble to protect in real time
4 segments run rapidly
V/F curve chosen:
It is presumed that self-defining
Exponential curve 1.2 times
Exponential curve 1.7 times
Exponential curve 2.0 times
Can adjust according to different load characteristics, realize optimumly that runs

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