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Mar 17th, 2017

The intersection of switch and quantity 24 enter 20 at most, analog quantity 12 enter 8 at most

Among them No. 4 is input and 2 routes are outputted is that analog quantity and switch amount are available

Analog quantity inputs the polymorphic type availably, export 0-10V, 0-20MA or phenotype

The programming mouth RS232, available holds RS485 mouth

The software for editing of text uses ” software for editing of COOLMAY_50A text “, PLC compatible Mitsubishi PLC programming software

Communication interface: 232 times of 1 self-carrying, available to hold 1 485 times, 1 232 or 2 485 times

Type specification:


Reveal the size: 108*56mm

Physical dimension: 212*148*40mm

Trepan the size: 194*138mm

EX2N-50A is the upgrading products of the integrated machine of the text, it controls and integrates PLC and text perfectly in an outer cover, help customer’s installation safeguard and reduce customer’s use and maintenance cost greatly.
This machine adopts the single programming mouth, text and PLC share a 232 programming programming once, among them some programming of text adopts ” software for editing of COOLMAY_500A text “, PLC programming compatible Mitsubishi PLC programming software. PLC function is the same as software and EX2N/DX2N series PLC.

1,Characteristic of the products

Logic control, analog quantity Input/Output ( Available) , the text is shown in an organic whole

PLC can be encrypted specially, arrange the password 12345678, will forbid reading

Text and PLC share programming programming once of one RS232, it is more convenient to use

Can select to hold one 485 times, can support MODBU communication protocol, programming an agreement and freedom agreement of Mitsubishi, but network connection a plurality of PLC or other apparatuses

LCD reveals: 240* 128 picture element; LCD life-span can up to 2 hour Wan. The routine is rejected for being blue, the dust is rejected and yellowish green and rejected availably

The memory capacity of the picture is 256KB FlashROM

There are 19 function keys, the function can be appointed freely

All adopt the pluggable terminal, help customers install and safeguard

Flexible in usage, can customize according to the request of customer

The appearance is fashionable, the volume is small and exquisite, the saving in space

2,The type is named

EX2N- 50A- 10/16/20/24/30/32/38/40/44MT/MR/MRT – 12AD 8DA – EK/PT/NTC/A4/A0/V-V/A0-2C-5P-485

123 4 5678 9 10 11

1: Serial names series EX2N-50A, represent 50A text PLC integrated machine

2: Display unit type 50A: It is 240*128 to represent the display rejected

3: Input/Output point several 10: 5 enters 5, 1 6: 8 enters 8, 24: 12 enters 12,etc.

4: Export the type The transistor-resistor logic exports MR: The electrical relay exports MRT: The electrical relay transistor-resistor logics mix and export 5: Analog quantity is input 2/4/8/12 Available

6: Analog quantity is exported 0-10V / 0-20mA of No. 8

7: Analog quantity inputs type EK: Hot couple PT: PT100

NTC: Thermal resistor (10K/50K/100K) V: 0-10V

A4: 4-20mA electric current A0: 0-20mA

8: Analog quantity exports type A0: 0-20MA V: 0-10V voltage

9: Count and count 100K high speed counting and high-speed pulse input at a high speed, need especially proving

10: High-speed pulse 200K high-speed pulse is available at most hold No. 5

11: Analog quantity and 485 can select to hold according to the request of customer. Other special specifications can also be especially made to order according to customer’s request

3,Basic parameter

General specification



Electric characteristic

Input voltage


Power consumption


Allow the black out of the instant

Smaller than 20ms

Withstand voltage

AC1000V-10mA 1 minute (among signal and ground)

Insulating impedance

About 10M¦¸, DC500V (among signal and ground)


Operating temperature

-20~60 ¡æ

Keep the temperature

-10~60 ¡æ

Ambient humidity

20 – 85 % RH (not condense)


Cooling way

Air-cooled naturally

External dimension

212* 148* 40

The faceplate trepans the size

194* 138


Download the mouth


Communication port 1

RS485 selects to hold

PLC characteristic

Host computer characteristic

Multi-input the most of digital quantity

The 24 point most more

The electrical relay is exported

The 18 point most more

The transistor-resistor logic is exported

The 20 point most more

Analog quantity / temperature is input

The 12 point most more

Analog quantity is exported

The 8 point most more

Procedure space ( Keep permanently)

8000 steps

Numerical filtering time of input aperture

0mS to 60mS is adjustable

Implement speed of the basic instruction


Input the index into ‘ Figure)

Isolate the way


Rated input

10 mA

Logical one ( Minimum)


0 more ‘ Maximum)

1.5 mA

Input the index into ‘ Simulation)

Input signal range

7 kinds

Response time

1 scanning period

Overall precision

¡À 1% (scale span)

Output the index ‘ Electrical relay)

The electric current is supported

Maximum 5A

Contact the life-span ‘ Load rating)

300,000 times

Output the index ‘ Transistor-resistor logic)

The electric current is supported

Maximum 500MA

4,Appearance and installation Size

The relevant video is explained:

The text PLC integrated machine uses and explains

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