Shenzhen takes care of the beautiful coolmay MT6043H real color touch-sensitive screen MT6043H real color touch-sensitive screen

Mar 23rd, 2017

1,Product specification:

Reveal: 60,000 real colors 4.3 ” TFT liquid crystal screen, 480*272 picture element

Luminance: 450cd/m2

Power consumption: 3W

Communication interface: 232 times of 1 self-carrying, 485 times of one, a touch-sensitive screen downloads the port, one USB mouth

USB downloads the mouth: Yes

The memory 64M of the touch-sensitive screen, support U one to store, support WINCE system, available to hold the audio frequency

Reveal the size: 97*56mm

Physical dimension: 134*102*30mm

Trepan the size: 119*93mm

2,The function is introduced:

Offer a large number of vector picture libraries and support the self-built picture library

Resistance type touch faceplate of high precision, high reliability

Support various design static picture and cartoon graphic

Support all script that WINDOWS offers

260,000TFT real color display unit

Support the prescription function

Serial communication interface

Available to hold the audio frequency

Programming software: <>

The detailed materials are consulted: <>

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