SIBA insurance in charge of 7006565 T6.3A

Feb 10th, 2012

Brand: Other

Name: SIBA insurance in charge of 7006565 T6.3A

Type: 7006565 T6.3A

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SIBA (the west unreasonable Co., Ltd. of Germany) Established in 1946, is headquartered in the Lu ‘s of Germany ,Close to Totmontto (Dortmund) ,
It is a specialized fuse box production firm, are distributed and reached more than 11 in the subsidiaries from all parts of the world at present. Except SIBA has a complete one
Beyond the production line of automatic management, also there are one’s own specialized design teams. For over 60 years,SIBA Company absorb in protect electric equipment and
Various high pressure, design, development and production of low-voltage fuse box of the device.
Low-voltage fuse box (NH)
Fuse box of the Model G (GSS) 6.332 is in charge of surely fast, the slow speed is managed surely
Fast fuse box (URDC)
The fusing device under high pressure: HHM— The motor protects the specialized high-pressure fuse box
HHD high-pressure fuse box
7008913 7009463/5A 7012540
7006565/0.25A 7006565/125mA 7006565/1.6A

7006565/2A 7006565/3A 7006565/4A

7006565/6.3A 7006565/8A 3002413/80A 36KV

7006565/630MA 7006584/16A 7017240 315mA

7017240 /500MA 1000V 7006563/200MA 7006563/250MA

7000765/630mA 7103401 7001005

179200/3.15A1002707/16A 40V 1000704/63A 1000707/35A

172526/1A 172526/2A 172526/3.15A

172526/4A 172526/5A 184000/2A

189140/8A 189140/10A 189020/10A1002707/16A 40V 1000704/63A 1000707/35A

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