Siemens 6AV6640-0AA00-0AX0

Dec 28th, 2011

Brand: SIEMENS – Siemens

Name: Siemens 6AV6640-0AA00-0AX0

Type: 6AV6640-0AA00-0AX0

About products:

6AV6640-0AA00-0AX0TD400C text display of new generation, 4 lines of Chinese text displays, the fashion is blue and in a poor light

The products are detailed:

6AV6640-0DA11-0AX0K-TP178MICRO S7-200 6 Touch-sensitive screen
6AV6640-0BA11-0AX0OP73 3 LCD touch-sensitive screen
6AV6640-0CA11-0AX0TP177MICROS7-200 6 Blue touch-sensitive screen
6AV6641-0AA11-0AX0OP73 3 LCD touch-sensitive screen
6AV6642-0AA11-0AX1TP177A 5.7 inches of user’s memory 512K replace TP170
6AV6642-0BA01-1AX1TP117B 256 colors replace TP170B touch-sensitive screen
6AV6642-0BC01-1AX1 TP117B is unicolor to replace TO170Bmono touch-sensitive screen
6AV6642-0DC01-1AX1 OP177B DP 5.7 inches of user’s memory 2048K
6AV6642-0DA01-1AX1 OP177B PN DP 5.7 inches of user’s memory 2048K

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