Siemens FM350-1

Dec 16th, 2011

Brand: SIEMENS – Siemens

Name: Siemens FM350-1

Type: 6ES7 350-1AH03-0AE0

About products:

Siemens FM350-1, 6ES7 350-1AH03-0AE0

The products are detailed:


FM lightens the burden of CPU through the following methods by 350-1:

    Connect the increment type encoder directly Input into and connect the door to accuse of signals directly through integrating digital quantity ‘ Grating,etc.) Output the comparative function of the module and respond to exporting through the integrated figure

    The function is as follows:

      A passway is used for counting or reducing and counting again; 32 count frequency and reach 500 kHz (used in RS422 encoder) at most According to the need, count range can be 0 to 32 or + / – 31 forms time or cycle count form time, double or quadruple is estimated Can be connected to the increment encoder Realize the door is accused of through the level, pulse or software Input and pay and set up through the figure Can load the counter with the initial value presumed in advance Use two optional comparison to be worth comparing Act as, reach person who consult, pass zero or out-of-range to run ‘ Can choose) Stop responding to hour By comparative that function control output signal ‘ 24V level) : Can be chosen the pulse width, or from relatively worthing to count the continuous signal of the extreme.

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