Siemens PLC313C-2PTP

Dec 12th, 2013

The tape integrates digital quantity inputting / exporting and second compact CPU which string the mouth together
Meet the factory to dealing with performance and requirement of corresponding time high
Bring the technological function
CPU runs to need SIMATIC to store the card (MMC) a little .

Area of application
CPU 313C-2 PtP is a kind of compact CPU, the system used for expecting very much in dealing with performance and response speed. Use and integrate digital quantity I/O, can realize and connect with directness of the course; Use the second to string the mouth together, can link with other ancillary equipment, such as the printer, bar code scanner,etc..

Integrate the other uses of the technological project to include:

Frequency measurement
Cycle measurement
The pulse width is modulated
PID control
The installation of CPU 313C-2 PtP is as follows,

The time that the processor deals with each binary scale order can reach 70 ns.
Expand the memory;
128 KB RAM (equivalent to a order of about 42 K) at a high speed Used for carrying out the relevant procedure part, offer the abundant space for user’s procedure;
SIMATIC miniature a storage card ‘ It is the biggest 8 MB) As the intersection of load and memory of procedure, allow event (including symbol and explanatory note) still Store in CPU.
Flexible expansion ability;
Up to 31 more pieces of module, (4 rows of structure)
MPI is some interface more;
Integrated the intersection of MPI and interface at most can set up with S7-300/400 or programmable device, PC, the intersection of operator and 8 Luis of panel connecting at the same time. In these connections, keep a connection respectively for PG and OP separately all the time. Pass ” The overall data news report ” ,MPI can be used for setting up the simple network that 16 CPUs make up at most
Second serial interface PtP;
This bunch of mouths are used for connecting other peripheral hardware, for example: Scanner, weighing the system,etc..
Dispose input / export;
16 pieces of digital quantity are input (can be used for calling the police and dealt with) Export with 16 pieces of digital quantity.
The password is protected;
User’s procedure uses the password to protect, can prevent visiting illegally.
One is encrypted;
Function (FC) With the functional block (FB) Can encrypt and store in CPU in order to protect the exclusively-owned technology through S7-Block Privacy.
Diagnose and buffer;
Diagnose that buffering can store last 500 mistakes and cut off the incident in the district, 100 incidents among them can be stored for a long time.
The non-maintaining data are reserve;
If happen, cut out, can through CPU all data (up to 64 KB at most) Write into the miniature storage card (MMC card) to SIMATIC automatically Have, and will maitain unchanged while energizing again.
But parameter characteristic

Can use STEP 7 to set up the parameter to the configuration of S7, response of attribute and CPU:

Define the name, system ID and position ID
MPI is some interface more;
Define the station address
Define starting the characteristic and monitoring time of CPU
Circulation / clock memory;
Define maximum sweeping and circulating and copying time and support and set up the clock memory address
The definition has the memory location that keeps the function, quantity of the counter, timer and data piece
Japan clock cuts off;
Sets for initial date, initial time and separates by cycle
Cycle cuts off;
Cycle presumes
Diagnose systematically;
Confirm that diagnoses treatment and range of news
Presume the synchronous type in AS or on MPI
Protect the grade;
Define the visit authorities of procedure and data
Keep and connect the source
PtP interface;
Set up address and basic parameter ASKII and 3964(R) The parameter of the agreement is set up
Digital quantity is input / exported
Set up the address, input relay and course to cut off.
The integrated function ” The counter ”
Presume address,and ” Count continuously ” , ” Single time is counted ” , ” Cycle counts ” , ” Frequency measurement ” Sum ” The pulse width is modulated ” The parameter under the mode is distributed.
Integrate ” The rule ” Function
Reveal the function and information function

State and trouble instruction;
LED reveals, for example, and operational mode that hardware, programming, timer or I/O make mistakes, such as RUN, STOP, Startup.
Test the function;
Can use programmable device reveal procedure carry out the intersection of signal and state in the course, needn’t adopt user’s procedure and the intersection of course of revision and variable, and output the content of the storehouse.
Information function;
Offer the operational mode of storing ability information, CPU to user in the form of text through the programmable device, and main storage and loading memory present operating position, present cycle time and content of the buffering area of the diagnosis.
Integrated communication function

Programmable device / OP communication
Overall data news report
S7 basic communication
S7 communication (only a server)
Integrated function

3 counters (supreme 30kHz) ,The comparator with independent direction, can be connected to 24V increment encoder directly.
3 passways of frequency measurement;
Allow to go on frequency measurement ‘ Up to 30 kHz) ,For example, measure the axle speed or throughput (each piece measured in cycle) .
Cycle measurement
3 passways. Can measure the cycle to count the signal, it is 1 KHz to count the frequency highest.
The pulse width is modulated;
3 can connect and control valve, carrying out device, the switchgear, heating device,etc. to export directly, for example sampling frequency is 2.5 kHz. Can set up the intersection of cycle and length and can revise, take empty than during operation.
Call the police, input into ‘ All digital quantity is input) ;
Warning to input the all right detection procedure incident, and touch off and respond to within shortest time.

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