Siemens programme the intersection of line and + USB-PPI

Nov 29th, 2011

Brand: SIEMENS – Siemens

Name: Siemens programme the intersection of line and + USB-PPI

Type: The intersection of Siemens and + USB-PPI

About products:

The speciality sells PLC programming cables such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, Panasonic, Omron, Fuji,etc. in batches.

The products are detailed:

USB/PPI + offers the programming cable of protocol conversion of connecting seriallying and RS485 signal conversion and PPI through the USB interface, under the the intersection of drive and program control that run, succeed the traditional serial port (commonly called as the COM port) the intersection of USB interface and emulation of computer in computer ,Thus use Off-The-Shelf various programming software, communication software and monitoring software,etc.. The working power of this cable is taken from the programming mouths of USB port and PLC, the luminescent diode on the cross board hut points out the machine format dispatcher’s state.
USB/PPI + cable is that the photoelectricity is isolated, suitable for Siemens S7-200 all serial PLC, especially suitable to interfere with the oral industrial scene of communication of larger vulnerableness, safe operation of various protection measure security systems in the circuit.
Characteristic and technical indicator:

• Support the operating system of USB/PPI +: Windows2000/WindowsXP (WinNT4/95/98/Me/DOS does not support)
• Support the programming software version of USB/PPI +: STEP7Micro/WINV3.2 and the above edition
• Norm of fully compatible USBV1.1 and USBCDCV1.1
• The programming 24V once of USB bus line power supply and PLC supplies power
• Only isolate the voltage: 1000VDC or 3500VAC
• Baud rate: 300bps-1Mbps standard baud rate suits automatically
• Support UART data format: Data bit: 8,Stop bit: 1, 2,Check digit: odd/even/noparity
• Support long-haul communication, the intersection of maximum and 2 of communication distance (at the 9600bps)
• Each PC only supports a USB programming cable
• Operating temperature: -20- +75 ¡æ
• Cable length: 3 meters, the color: Black
Operation method:
USB/PPI + programming cable needs to install USB device driver to use, these driver programs include in the CD sold with the products, method of erection please watch explanation file materials of driver program at the CD, no longer go into details here.
After the driver program installs and finishes, USB/PPI + correspondent COM port of programming cable will appear in the apparatus supervisor of Windows, only need to choose this COM port in programming software or other application software, following use is the same as traditional RS232&nb

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