Signal installation SCM5

Dec 24th, 2011

Brand: EACO – Great Britain

Name: Signal installation SCM5

Type: SCM5

About products:

Signal installation SCM5

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Controller of Dalian diesel locomotive ADLC-4/ADLC-6 Brief introduction of structural function Controller ADLC of the diesel locomotive (AdvancedDieselLocomotiveController) From Locomotive electric apparatus research institutes of railway new technology Co., Ltd.s of China and Sweden of Xi’an , the intersection of Dalian and the intersection of locomotive and factory design place, the intersection of Dalian and great light develop jointly a multi-functional real-time control system taking Intel87C196 as CPU. The software and hardware of this system is open designed, have already applied to east wind 4B guest of the diesel locomotive, east wind 4B goods, east wind 4D guest, east wind 4D goods, east wind 4D adjusting, east wind 4D guest extensively, East wind 10DD GKD0A GKD1A GKD2 Wait for many type locomotives, apply to more local railway, industrial and mining enterprises, metallurgical steel factory, chemical petrochemical industry factories, ports and collieries. The hardware of ADLC is mainly by the host computer sum Signal installation SCP3 Make up ‘ As shown) . ADLC host computer Signal installation SCP3 ADLC The intersection of host computer and case by machine, wind the line baseplate, cool fan and plug-in package board to make up, it accords with FE bus standard that ADLC machine case designs, can hold 10 FE standard boards at most, the machine case installs two all the same sets of hardwares inside, both as for subsequent use. In normal cases, there are only 2 boards in working state in the plug-in package board in ADLC machine case, other plug-in packages are in spare state. And every plug-in package board in working state is all the same, the plug-in package board passes and differentiates one’s own trough location (position) To determine to carry out different software, in order to finish different functions. ADLC machine case can be divided into on the basis of the board quantity of the plug-in package installed at present ADLC-4 locomotive controller With ADLC-6 locomotive controller . ADLC-4 Have held 4 all the same ones altogether inside Plug-in package board (The type is 17FE196M2 ),Divided into two groups, is both as for subsequent use. Each one 17FE196M2 Plug-in package board can form system independently, the intersection of central processing unit and CPU the intersection of Intel and 87C196KC, foreign interface it designs to be as follows,
Passway 0/ 110V switch amount 12 is imported;
A passway 0~140V high-pressure analog quantity is input;
7 passway 0~5V analog quantity is input;
Passway frequency amount 3 is input;
A passway of high-power (0~10A, 110V) PWM exports;
Small power (0~1A, 110V) of 6 passways The switch amount is exported;
A passway of analog quantity (0~10V, is less than or equal to 10mA) Output;
A passway RS485 all duplexing serial mouths;
A passway RS485 half a duplexing serial mouth. The controller ADLC-4/ADLC-6 main function of the diesel locomotive is as follows: 1,The rotational speed of diesel engine of the locomotive is controlled; 2,The locomotive permanent power is controlled; 3,Magnetic field weaken control ‘ Transition) ; 4,The resistance applies the brake to control; 5,The locomotive assists power generating ( 110VDC) Control ‘ Voltage adjuster) ; 6,Real-time asynchronous communication of the diesel locomotive,etc.. From Railway of China and Sweden The locomotive electric apparatus research institute of the company takes the lead in the diesel locomotive that develops ADLC-4. /ADLC-6 Controller of the locomotive Just because of possessing the function of the brilliance, has guaranteed the diesel engine of the locomotive realizes the permanent power in the full-speed range, improve the traction performance of the locomotive obviously, can also replace the intersection of locomotive and original the intersection of voltage and the intersection of adjuster and 8Q3A, TTY-GK, T674,etc., walk into electrical machinery, drive power, the intersection of transition and device, resistance apply the brake controller,etc., make the locomotive system simplified greatly, the stability of the working performance of the locomotive is higher, service life is longer

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