Snide 140CPU65150, 140CPU67160 processor

Dec 31st, 2011

Brand: Schneider – Snide

Name: Snide 140CPU65150, 140CPU67160 processor

Type: Snide 140CPU processor

About products:

Concept CPU256K SRAM, 8K LL984, 109K IEC, 10K register, 1MB&1MB +140CPU11302Concept CPU

The products are detailed:

Snide 140CPU processor:

Concept CPU256K SRAM, 8K LL984, 109K IEC, 10K register, 1MB&1MB +


Concept CPU512K SRAM, 16K LL984, 368K IEC, 10K register, 1MB&1MB +


Unity CPU486 processor, 66MHz, 2M SRAM, 2MB&1MB +


Concept CPU486 processor, 2M SRAM, 64K LL984, 896K IEC, 57K register, 2MB&1MB +


Unity CPU 486 processor, 66MHz, 2M SRAM, 2MB&1MB +


Unity/Concept CPU 586 processor, 4M SRAM, 64K LL984, 2.5M IEC, 57K register, 2MB&1MB +


Unity CPU 166MHz,2M,768/7168Kb,1MB,1MB+,1USB,1ETH


Unity CPU 266MHz,2M,1024/7168Kb,1MB,1MB+,1USB,1ETH


Foshan Germany good fortune Science Technologies Co., Ltd. ( Main in Snide 140 serial PLC, U.S.A. A-B of French wholesale trade, pay attention to grinding etc.) ,The industry of Israel automaticallies control and the electrical engineering is the core business, combine science, industry and trade together, specialize in the project project design of the industrial automation, install, debug etc. and serve and act for and sell the imported electric and automatic products; Have set up good prestige in users of every profession and trade such as the electricity, traffic, papermaking, sewage, tire, cement, machinery,etc.. Here, you will have: Quality is guaranteed ‘ Original packaging) , prepare the goods the foot (the stock) , the logistics is fast and safe ‘ Suitable and abundant) , after sale to guarantee and ultra beautiful discount let you realize profit maximize ‘ Includesing taxes includes the freight charges) ; Tel.: 0757-88771488,15814841889; QQ: 189188255 (Cao YanPing) ; Pick up your telephone, flicker your QQ, the profit begins from here. . . Snide 140PLC products tabulation: Baseplate: 140XBP00600140XBP01000140XBP 01600 power: 140CPS11100140CPS11420140CPS 12420140CPS21400 processor 140CPU11302140CPU11303140CPU 31110140 CPU43412A140CPU43412U140CPU 53414B140CPU65150140CPU67160 Heat equipment module: 140CHS11000140CHS21000 Ethernet module: 140NOE77101140NOE77111 adapter: 93200 processor interface of 140CRA21110140CRA93100140CRA: 140CRP93100140CRP93200 analog quantity input and exported: 140ACI03000140ACI04000140ACO 02000140 ACO13000140ARI03010140AMM 09000140 AVI03000140AVO02000140ATI 03000 opened The closing amount is input and exported: 140DDI35300140DDI84100140DDI85300140DAI74000140DAI75300140DAO85300140DAO84000140DAO84210140DDO35300140DDO84300 The relay is exported: 140DRA84000 counts the module at a high speed: The record module of 140EHC10500140EHC20200 incident: 140ERT85410 network adapter: 140NOM2110040 some module end sons one: 140XTS00200 backplate expands the module: 140XBE10000 backplate expands the cable: 140XCA71703140XCA71706 empty trough module: 140XCP51000
Network card PCI: 416NHM30030A cable: 490NAA27102490NAA27103 optic fibre repeater: 490NRP25300490NRP95400490NOR 00003 terminates the resistance: 520422000RIO coaxial cable: 975750000 programming cables: 990NAA26320990NAD23000990NAD 21110CPU battery: 990XCP98000 substation cable: ASMBII003( 15M) ASMBII004( 43M) Branch device: MA0185100MA0186100MA0329001 (long-range I\O cable F is connected) Managing exchanger: TCSESM043F2CU0TCSESM083F2CU0TCSESM083F2CS0TCSESM163F2CU0TCSESM243F2CU0

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