Snide 140PLC analog quantity input / export the stock

Feb 17th, 2012

Brand: Schneider – Snide

Name: Snide 140PLC analog quantity input / export the stock

Type: Snide’s analog quantity is input / exported

About products:

Analog quantity is input, single polarity, 8 passways, 4-20mA or 1-5VDC, 12 140ACI03000 analog quantity are input, 16 passways, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-25mA

The products are detailed:

Sell in batches and supply Snide with analog quantity to input / export, stock, good price:

Analog quantity is input, single polarity, 8 passways, 4-20mA or 1-5VDC, 12


Analog quantity is input, 16 passways, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-25mA, 12 or 14


Analog quantity is exported, 4 passways, 4-20mA, the passway is isolated, 12


Analog quantity is exported, 8 passways, high density


RTD inputs, 8 passways, type NI or PT, 100,200,500, 1000


Analog quantity mix the module, 4 passways are input, 2 passways are exported


Analog quantity is input, 8 passways, a pair of polarity, much range


Analog quantity is exported, 4 passways, voltage


TC inputs, 8 passways, type J, K, E, T, S, R, B


In the intersection of Foshan and science and technology, good fortune of Der, ‘ Wholesale trade) ,You will have: Quality is guaranteed ‘ Original packaging) , the logistics is fast and safe ‘ Suitable and abundant) , after sale to guarantee, prepare the goods the foot (the stock) , ultra beautiful discount let you realize profit maximize ‘ Includesing taxes includes the freight charges) ; 0757-88771488,15814841889; QQ: 189188255 (Cao YanPing) Snide 140XBP baseplate: 140XBP00600 (6 troughs) 140XBP01000 (10 troughs) 140XBP01600 (16 troughs) Snide 140PLC products tabulation:

Baseplate: 140XBP00600140XBP01000140XBP 01600 power: 140CPS11100140CPS11420140CPS 12420140CPS21400 processor: 140CPU11302140CPU11303140CPU 31110140 CPU43412A140CPU43412U140CPU 53414B140CPU65150140CPU67160 heat prepare against the module: 140CHS11000140CHS21000 Ethernet module: 140NOE77101140NOE77111 adapter: 93200 processor interface of 140CRA21110140CRA93100140CRA: 140CRP93100140CRP93200 analog quantity input and exported: 140ACI03000140ACI04000140ACO 02000140 ACO13000140ARI03010140AMM 09000140 AVI03000140AVO02000140ATI 03000 opened The closing amount is input and exported: 140DDI35300140DDI84100140DDI85300140DAI74000140DAI75300140DAO85300140DAO84000140DAO84210140DDO35300140DDO84300 The relay is exported: 140DRA84000 counts the module at a high speed: The record module of 140EHC10500140EHC20200 incident: 140ERT85410 network adapter: 140NOM2110040 some module end sons one: 140XTS00200 backplate expands the module: 140XBE10000 backplate expands the cable: 140XCA71703140XCA71706 empty trough module: 140XCP51000
Network card PCI: 416NHM30030A cable: 490NAA27102490NAA27103 optic fibre repeater: 490NRP25300490NRP95400490NOR 00003 terminates the resistance: 520422000RIO coaxial cable: 975750000 programming cables: 990NAA26320990NAD23000990NAD 21110CPU battery: 990XCP98000 substation cable: ASMBII003( 15M) ASMBII004( 43M) Branch device: MA0185100MA0186100MA0329001 (long-range I\O cable F is connected) Managing exchanger: TCSESM043F2CU0TCSESM083F2CU0TCSESM083F2CS0TCSESM163F2CU0TCSESM243F2CU0

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