SP2402, SP2403, SP3401, SP3402, SP3403 driver

Dec 23rd, 2011

Brand: C.T.

Name: SP2402, SP2403, SP3401, SP3402, SP3403 driver

Type: SP2402

About products:

SP2402, SP2403, SP3401, SP3402, SP3403 driver voltage grade: 200, 400, 575, 690VAC power range: 0.37kW —

The products are detailed:

Voltage grade: 200, 400, 575, 690VAC
Power range: 0.37kW — 1.9MW
CommanderSP series frequency converter of Britain CT Company


It should be to from the simple transmission application to all kinds of complicated exchanges to be calm, Unidrive SP and abundant one are selected various flexible application schemes formed, with lower cost, realize productivity is maximized and exported. The solution platform of such flexibility, has already made all transmission users consider the accessible productivity standard again.

The Unidrive SP series driver covers 0.37kW – 1.9MW power section, no matter the power is big or small, possess the same function and interface. Unidrive SP and installs the formal difference according to the intersection of power and piece, divide it for Panel Mount surface installing type, and Modular module type that Free Standing is vertical.

Any electrical machinery is presumed and chooses through the keyboard, realize to the control exchanging the reaction motor, asynchronous servo and synchronous servo electrical machinery easily.

Servo control: It is rotated that applicable and magneto forever of line shape
Close the magnetism of ring openly to control: It is controlled that the reaction electrical machinery is accurate, a speed full torque is exported
RFC controls: It is controlled that the rotor magnetism is open
Make the ring vector to control: There is no sensor vector to control
VVVF controls: Simple and easy to control the mode, applicable many electrical machineries are controlled in parallel
PWM commutates: AFE energy regeneration, there is no harmonic wave perfectly
Dispose completely
Multi-functional the intersection of encoder and interface, require, choose different kinds of encoder according to different application while being convenient
Increment type: High cost performance
SinCos: Realize the high-accuracy position and control of speed
SSI: The absolute position feedbacks
EnDat and Hiperface: High-speed communication encoder
Modbus RTU communication interface
Resisting device of direct current
Apply the brake Entrance ‘ Available)
EMC wave filter
Soft PLC
SP0 dispose, apply the brake resistance 2 ‘ Available)
Spare to control the power
16 analog quantity are input
Mark and mix SMARTCARD intelligent card

Expand completely
The keyboard is expanded: LED keyboard, LCD keyboard
The bus is expanded: 25 kinds of buses such as ProfibusDP, EtherNet
I/O expands: It is 32 highest The point I/O is expanded
Feedback and expand: Resolver,etc.
The craft is expanded: Do not need PLC, programme through SyPT software, realizes the secondary development of craft control of transmission

The whole function
Melt and control the ring synchronously
Second electrical machinery parameter
Get up and promote the brake to control
PID control of the craft
Electronic potentiometer
Operation of variable
The pivot makes a reservation
The figure is locked and controlled synchronously
Since the electrical machinery is exactly fixed
Static behavior
Dynamic empty load
Dynamic tape year- Inertia test
Minimum displacement
The direct current of the low-voltage supplies power
DC24V direct-flow control unit
DC48-96V motive force power
The lift meets an urgent need and rescues
Forbid safely
EN954-1 classification 3
Avoid exporting and isolating the contactor

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