Specialized stabilizator SBW-DT of the lift

Feb 28th, 2014

Leading particulars:
It is specialized lift in SBW-DT stabilizator which doesn’t different from general stabilizator,B-type in combining foundations of different traditional stabilizator advantages with, introduce foreign advanced technique, the specialized stabilizator of a kind of multi-functional general lift developed newly, its key placement adopts silicon electric sheet and high-quality silk covered wire of cold-rolled grain orientation to wind, loss and is well below the general stabilizator, the characteristic can match in excellence or beauty with the foreign products, it is a specialized stabilizator of real lift at present of our country.

Outstanding characteristic:
It is large in capacity, it loss being low, it there is troubles and sound and light alarms such as overvoltage, open phase, machinery,etc. and manually /automatically control, such many kinds of functionses as voltage regulation / city power is switched over.

Capacity KVA 10 20 30 50 70100 180 225
Rated current A 15 30 46 76 114 152 274 342
Nominal voltage 3§¶ 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Voltage regulation range ¡À 20% (304-456V) (wide-range ¡À 25%, 285-475V)
Precision of voltage regulation ¡À 1%-5% is adjustable
Response time ¨Q 100ms
Efficiency ¨R 98%
Power factor 0.95-1
Over load ability 150%, 10s
Protect function overvoltage, open phase, error phase
The voltage points out the I/O voltmeter 0-500V
The signal points out the input current, trouble lamp
Operating temperature is 0-45 ¡æ
Relative humidity 0-95%,it form 200510615363213507 jpg [/img ]

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