Strange to create the color brilliantly

Jan 31st, 2012

Brand: Other

Name: Strange to create the color brilliantly

Type: QC-064IPF

About products:

The preceding board reaches IP65 and protects the grade Ultrathin and beautiful in design and firm Discern the input signal automatically The tempered glass is defended to glimmer the screen Available industry’s grade Line four, Line five touch-sensitive screen Support 6.4 inches of inverting types and VESA wall types to be installed

The products are detailed:

Organism material The aluminium magnesium alloy of preceding board gushes out and moulds dealing with
The case has body Electroplate the strong anti-oxidant anticorrosive characteristic of photo zincography
Install the way 6.4 inches of hangings / inverting type
I/O interface VGA, 12V DC power import, COM/USB (only touch and reject the edition)
The case has body color Industry is dark ‘ Black fine sand line)
The complete machine weight 1.5KG
External dimension 232mm140mm43mm
The power connects 48W power adapter, AC100V-240V imports
Products standard Accord with CE FCC BSMI CCC standard
The signal characteristic scan more functions, discern the resolution ratio of the input signal automatically

Reveal the type 6.4″ VGA TFT LCD
The color of color is dark 262K
Input the signal VGA/VA
Visual angle (H)160 degrees / (V) 90 degrees
Luminance 350cd / ㎡
Contrast ratio 400:1
Performance in a poor light 2CCFL
The light is in charge of the life-span 50000 hours
Response time 16ms
Reveal the area 129.697.4mm

Touch-sensitive screen
Touch the type Resistance type touch-sensitive screen of Line five
Resolution ratio 40964096 (continuously)
Efforts of 30- 45 grams in working pressure, get an electric shock and shake <10ms
Click efforts of 250 grams of life-span, 10 million times
Efficiency of printing opacity >81%
A RS232 one bunch of mouths or USB is available on the end of communication
OS supports Windows me/ce/98/2000/xp/vista linux,etc.

Environmental parameter
Working temperature 0- 55 ℃
Store the temperature -20- 60 ℃
Store the humidity 5- 95% have not condensed
Shake and test 5- 17Hz, the whole displacement 17- 500Hz, 1.0G peak peak value

Order information
6.4″ The industrial plateform revealing device VGA imports the safety glass
6.4″ The industrial plateform revealing device VGA inputs the touch-sensitive screen
6.4″ The industrial plateform revealing device VGA +AV imports the safety glass
QC-064IPF-D (customer makes to order)
But adjusting range, color, appearance, LOGO, size,etc.

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