Supply ABB silicon controlled rectifier 5STP20F1801

Mar 17th, 2012

Brand: ABB

Name: Supply ABB silicon controlled rectifier 5STP20F1801

Type: 5STP20F1801

About products:

ABB silicon controlled rectifier. The brilliant floodgate is managed. Commutate diode serial ABB silicon controlled rectifier / ABB brilliant floodgate to manage ABB semi-conductive the intersection of Company and the intersection of high-power and brilliant floodgate of production in charge of used for commutating or going against when becoming stage control the intersection of electric current and the intersection of valve and worker to apply to high-power mainly

The products are detailed:

ABB Silicon controlled rectifier . The brilliant floodgate is managed . Commutate the diode series

ABB Silicon controlled rectifier /ABB The brilliant floodgate is managed ABB Using mainly for commutating or going against the stage when becoming controls the electric current valve to use in industrial production and electric transmission of high-power field

5STP 03A 1800+ 5STP06E1600+ 5STP10D1601 5STP07D1800 5STP09D1801 5STP09D2201 5STP06D2800 5STP08D2801 5STP04D4200 5STP04D5200

5STP03D6500 5STP03X6500+ 5STP 21F 1400 5STP 20F 1601 5STP 18F 1800

5STP 18F 1801 5STP 17F 2201 5STP 16F 2800 5STP 16F 2801 5STP 12F 4200

5STP 08G 6500+ 5STP34H1601 5STP27H1800 5STP30H1801 5STP29H2201 5STP24H2800 5STP27H2801 5STP18H4200 5STP17H5200 5STP 33L 2800 5STP 28L 4200 5STP 25L 5200 5STP 12M 6500 5STP 18M 6500 5STP45N2800 5STP38N4200 5STP34N5200 5STP26N6500 5STP12N8500 5STP50Q1800 5STP34Q5200 5STP52U5200 5STP42U6500

ABB Two-way silicon controlled rectifier: 5STB Series
BCT A parallel brilliant floodgate of high-power in charge of integrating at a silicon chip instead two, have discrete door the two-way brilliant floodgate of the structure in charge of very much, light, the size is little, with low costs, apply to extensively SVC And industrial transmission, voltage transformer adjuster and soft start.

5STB 24Q2800 5STB 24N2800 5STB 18N4200 5STB 17N5200
5STB 13N6500 5STB 25U5200 5STB 18U6500

5STP45Q2800 5STP38Q4200

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