Supply Fushun with Mitsubishi frequency converter FR-F740-5.5K-CHT stock supply, storehouse of a city

Dec 1st, 2011

Brand: MITSUBISHI – Mitsubishi

Name: It is large to supply Fushun with a city Mitsubishi’s frequency converter FR-F740-5.5K-CHT stock supplies, volume of stock

Type: FR-F740-5.5K-CHT

About products:

Mitsubishi PLC, frequency converter, touch-sensitive screen,etc. make a reduction in an all-round way, some type special price is sold, the price is favourable, welcomes to newly arrive the customer to order! The details are sent a telegram to: Xiong ShiYing 18816156983

The products are detailed:

Grind industry control system Co., Ltd. in Zibo
Please get in touch the ones that need the following products directly: Xiong ShiYing 18816156983 habit hyperlink directory please add QQ: 1208838746
It is the outstanding distributor of China of Mitsubishi Electric, the products include: Mitsubishi FA products such as Mitsubishi PLC, the frequency converter of Mitsubishi, the servo electrical machinery of Mitsubishi, the touch-sensitive screen of Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi’s magnetic powder tension,etc.. The company has strong technological backgrounds, complete technical support, the staff are that China graduate from university especially, and there are abundant field experiences in the automatic field. Fine purchase channel, reasonable price, good operation mode, well received by user and relying on.
Especially recommend Mitsubishi a F740 series frequency converter, the products that the products of the whole series are smaller than 110KW have stock, the frequency converter our company which is greater than 110KW will be at the price in case of equal goods one too, strive for the ability of arrival of the goods ahead of time or find the type that you need in the project prepare the goods. The friend needing it sends a telegram here and inquires the price, please, it was urgent that the technological consultation service that our company offers for 24 hours solved fire coal for your enterprises, free telephone consultation. The field service has reasonable fee. Our company has a huge after-sale service too, offer and prepare the goods etc. promptly in 24 hours, try to solve any worker in the scene of yours and accuse of the problem as soon as possible.
(Especially recommend Mitsubishi a F740 series frequency converter. )
-[Series FR-F740, phase 380V 50Hz grade 3, energy-conservation is common type ]-
FR-F740-0.75K-CHT [ ] 0.75 2.3A 0.75 2.1A
FR-F740-1.5K-CHT [ ] 1.5 3.8A 1.5 3.5A
FR-F740-2.2K-CHT [ ] 2.2 5.2A 2.2 4.8A
FR-F740-3.7K-CHT [ ] 3.7 8.3A 3.7 7.6A
FR-F740-5.5K-CHT [ ] 5.5 12.6A 5.5 11.5A
FR-F740-7.5K-CHT [ ] 7.5 17A 7.5 16A
FR-F740-11K-CHT [ ] 11 25A 11 23A
FR-F740-15K-CHT [ ] 15 31A 15 29A
FR-F740-18.5K-CHT [ ] 18.5 38A 18.5 35A
FR-F740-22K-CHT [ ] 22 47A 22 43A
FR-F740-30K-CHT [ ] 30 62A 30 57A
FR-F740-37K-CHT [ ] 37 77A 37 70A
FR-F740-45K-CHT [ ] 45 93A 45 85A
FR-F740-55K-CHT [ ] 55 116A 55 106A
FR-F740-S75K-CHT [] 75 144A no applicable
FR-F740-S90K-CHT [ ] 90 180A 75 144A
FR-F740-S110K-CHT [ ] 110 216A 90 180A
FR-F740-S132K-CHT [ ] 132 260A 110 216A
FR-F740-S160K-CHT [ ] 160 325A 132 260A
FR-F740-S185K-CHT [ ] 185 361A 160 325A
FR-F740-S220K-CHT [ ] 220 432A 185 361A
FR-F740-S250K-CHT [ ] 250 481A 220 432A
FR-F740-S315K-CHT [ ] 315 610A 280 547A
FR-F740-S355K-CHT [ ] 355 683A 315 610A
FR-F740-S400K-CHT [ ] 400 770A 355 683A
FR-F740-S450K-CHT [ ] 450 866A 400 770A
FR-F740-S500K-CHT [ ] 500 962A 450 866A
FR-F740-S560K-CHT [ ] 560 1094A 500 962A
FR-F740-S630K-CHT [ ] 630 1212A 560 1094A

-[Fittings ] – -[Direct-flow bus bar current transformer ] altogether-
Series FR-PA02-02 E500 operate panel 190 FR-CV-H7.5K 7.5KW or less
FR-E5P FR-PA02-02 connects adapter 190 FR-CV-H11K 11KW
500 series FR-PU04-CH operate panel 460 FR-CV-H15K 15KW
700 series FR-PU07 operate panel 1,100 FR-CV-H22K 22KW
FR-ADP FR-PU07 connects adapter 180 FR-CV-H30K 30KW
FR-CB201 operation of a meter panel connects cable 230 FR-CV-H37K 37KW
FR-CB203 operation of 3 meters panel connects cable 290 FR-CV-H55K 45KW, 55KW
FR-CB205 operation of 5 meters panel connects the cable 470 FR-CVL-H7.5K reactor (mix FR-CV-H7.5K)
FR-CVL-H11K reactor (mix FR-CV-H11K)
-[Series 700 select one specialized and built-inly ] – FR-CVL-H15K reactor (mix FR-CV-H15K)
FR-A7AP encoder is feedbacked, the orientation of main shaft, orient 1,110 FR-CVL-H22K reactor (mix FR-CV-H22K)
FR-A7AR relay exports 930 FR-CVL-H30K reactor (mix FR-CV-H30K)
FR-A7AX 16 digits input 930 FR-CVL-H37K reactor (mix FR-CV-H37K)
FR-A7AY figure outputs and expands analog quantity and exports 930 FR-CVL-H55K reactor (mix FR-CV-H55K)
FR-A7NC CC-Link communication
FR-A7ND Device Net communication 1,850- exchange the reactor 380V grade-
FR-A7NL LONWORKS communication 1,850 FR-HAL-H0.4K 0.4KW
FR-A7NM Modbus communication 1,910 FR-HAL-H0.75K 0.75KW
FR-A7NP Profibus-DP communication 1,850 FR-HAL-H1.5K 1.5KW
FR-A7NR RS-485 communication 1,390 FR-HAL-H2.2K 2.2KW
-[Wave filter ] – FR-HAL-H5.5K 5.5KW 1,710
FR-BIF-H radio noise wave filter 1,370 FR-HAL-H7.5K 7.5KW
FR-BSF01 3.7KW and the following line noise wave filter 470 FR-HAL-H11K 11KW
FR-BLF 5.5KW and the noise wave filter 1,550 FR-HAL-H15K 15KW of the above line
FR-HAL-H18.5K 18.5KW
-[Resistance that the high frequency of 380V grade applies the brake ] – FR-HAL-H22K 22KW
FR-ABR-H0.4K 0.4KW 190 FR-HAL-H30K 30KW
FR-ABR-H0.75K 0.75KW 230 FR-HAL-H37K 37KW
FR-ABR-H1.5K 1.5KW 290 FR-HAL-H45K 45KW
FR-ABR-H2.2K 2.2KW 370 FR-HAL-H55K 55KW
FR-ABR-H3.7K 3.7KW 470 FR-HAL-H75K 75KW
FR-ABR-H5.5K 5.5KW 560 FR-HAL-H90K 90KW
FR-ABR-H7.5K 7.5KW 930 FR-HAL-H110K 110KW
FR-ABR-H11K 11KW 1,860 FR-HAL-H185K 132KW-185KW
FR-ABR-H15K 15KW 2,330 FR-HAL-H280K 220KW-280KW
FR-ABR-H22K 18.5KW-22KW 3,260 FR-HAL-H355K 315KW-355KW
FR-HAL-H560K 400KW-560KW
-[Unit of applying the brake (BU) Resistance (BR) that and apply the brake ]-
UFB15 BU 11/15KW is (simple and easy type) 2,820- [380V grade of the resisting device of direct current ]-
UFS15 BU 11KW/15KW 4,550 FR-HEL-H0.4K 0.4KW 850
UFS22 BU 18.5KW-30KW 5,250 FR-HEL-H0.75K 0.75KW
UFS40 BU 37KW-55KW 5,680 FR-HEL-H1.5K 1.5KW
UFS110 BU > =75KW 7,690 FR-HEL-H2.2K 2.2KW
RUFC15 BR (mix UFB/S15) 1,860 FR-HEL-H3.7K 3.7KW
RUFC22 BR (mix UFS22) 2,190 FR-HEL-H5.5K 5.5KW
RUFC40 BR (mix UFS40) 4,370 FR-HEL-H7.5K 7.5KW
RUFC110 BR (mix UFS110) 8,770 FR-HEL-H11K 11KW
FR-HEL-H15K 15KW 1,910
-[Unit of applying the brake (BU) . Apply the brake resistance (BR) ]-FR-HEL-H18.5K 18.5KW
FR-BU-H15K 11KW/15KW 6,010 FR-HEL-H22K 22KW
FR-BU-H30K 18.5KW-30KW 8,280 FR-HEL-H30K 30KW
FR-BU-H55K 37KW-55KW 18,020 FR-HEL-H37K 37KW
FR-BR-H15K mixes FR-BU-H15K 3,640 FR-HEL-H45K 45KW
FR-BR-H30K mixes FR-BU-H30K 7,380 FR-HEL-H55K 55KW
FR-BR-H55K mixes FR-BU-H55K

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