Supply FX1S 10MR FX2N-16EX A2SCPU

Dec 2nd, 2011

Brand: MITSUBISHI- Mitsubishi

Name: Supply FX1S 10MR FX2N-16EX A2SCPU

Type: A2SCPU

About products:

Mitsubishi PLC >> Small A series PLC >> CPU >> Unit A2SCPU Mitsubishi unit A2SCPU CPU CPU

The products are detailed:

Online QQ: 800091216
FX1S 10MR – supply FX2N-16EX A2SCPU to accuse of in Guangzhou water chestnut to the limit ———————————————————-

Introduce in detail:
Mitsubishi PLC >> Small A series PLC >> CPU >> Unit A2SCPU CPU
Mitsubishi unit A2SCPU CPU

Memory capacity 14k of the procedure
Point size of Input/Output Maximum is at 512 o’clock

Relevant type:
CPU assembly A2SHCPU
CPU assembly A2SHCPU-S1

Relevant information:
Bidirectional thyrister output module A1SY28EU of Mitsubishi
Export the type: Bidirectional thyrister
The point size of output: 8 o’clock
Load voltage: AC100-240
Load current: 1A
Connection mode: Terminal strip
Share the public end point size: 4 o’clock

Mitsubishi’s load module AX71

32 o’clock
DC5/ 12/ 24V 5.5/ 3/ 6mA
Answering time: 3ms
A public positive number at 8, reducing and using 38 terminal tables publically together

Mitsubishi positions the module AD75P3-S3

3 axles
Mend one, 2 axle circular arcs and mend one in 2 axle straight lines
Control unit: pulse, mm, inch, degree
It is determined that the data of the position are counted: 600/1 of the axles
The output pulse of maximum: 400kpps (disparity moves the driver) /200kpps (open collector)
36 injection junctors

Mitsubishi Melsecnet module AJ72P25

SI-200/250 mere fiber optic cable double-deck annular MELSECNET (II) (long-range I / O office)


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