Supply OMRON temperature control module C200H power C200H-MD215

Dec 2nd, 2011

Brand: OMRON – Omron

Name: Supply OMRON temperature control module C200H power C200H-MD215

Type: C200H-MD215

About products:

OMRON Omron >>PLC (programmable controller) >>Medium-sized PLC >> I/O cell (C200H) C200H-MD215OMRON Omron (C200H series PLC) The I/O cell C200H-MD215DC inputs 16 o’clock

The products are detailed:

Online QQ: 800091216
OMRON temperature control module – last C200H water chestnut accuse of at Guangzhou to the limit for the power C200H-MD215s ————————————————

Introduce in detail:
OMRON Omron >>PLC (programmable controller) >>Medium-sized PLC >> I/O cell (C200H) C200H-MD215
OMRON Omron (C200H series PLC) I/O cell C200H-MD215
DC inputs 16 o’clock

Relevant type:
The multi-point of transistor-resistor logic exports the module C200H-OD219
The transistor-resistor logic exports the module C200H-OD411
TTL exports the module C200H-OD501
Temperature sensor module C200H-TS102
Module C200HS-INT01 of interrupt input
The triode thyristor exports the module C200H-OA224
Unit C200HE-CPU32-ZE CPU
Unit Controller Link / board C200HW-CLK21 of support
Module C200H-TV101 of heating / cooling control
Memory cell (C200H) C200HW-ME
Analog quantity exports the module C200H-DA003
The electrical relay exports the module C200H-OC222
Output unit (C200H) of the high density C200H-OD215/501
Programming cable C200H-CN222/422
The high density is input ‘ Group – 2) Unit (C200H) C200H-ID216/217
I/O cell (C200H) C200H-ID211/212
Input unit (C200H) of simulation amount C200H-AD003
TTL I/O module C200H-MD501
AC imports the module C200H-IA222
Board C200HW-COM01 of serial communication
I/O connects the cable C200H-CN711
Unit C200HW-PA209R of the power
Unit C200HW-PD024 of the power
High-speed counter unit (C200H) C200H-CT001-V1
Analog quantity imports the module C200H-AD001
Expand I/O bottom panel (C200H) C200HW-BI
Unit C200HW-DRT21 DeviceNet
Unit C200HX-CPU64-E CPU
Unit C200HG-CPU63-ZE CPU
I/O cell (C200H series PLC) of simulation amount C200H-MAD01
I/O connects the cable C200H-CN311
Unit C200HX-CPU34-ZE CPU
Module C200H-TC102 of temperature control
AC imports the module C200H-IA122V
ID sensor module C200H-IDS01-V1
Interface unit C200H-B7A22 B7A
The transistor-resistor logic exports the module C200H-OD213
Module C200HW-PA204S of power
Unit C200HE-CPU11-ZE CPU
Analog quantity exports the module C200H-DA001
Unit C200H-ASC02 ASCII
Heating / cooling control unit (C200H series PLC) C200H-TV
Power supply unit (C200H) C200HW-PA
Module C200H-TV001 of heating / cooling control
Unit SYSMAC LINK / board C200HW-SLK14 of support
CPU board C200HW-BC051
Unit C200HX-CPU44-E CPU
The transistor-resistor logic exports the module C200H-OD216
Module C200HW-PA204R of power
TTL imports the module C200H-ID501

Relevant information:
Omron (OMRON) Input unit CQM1-IA221
AC inputs 8 points Input voltage 200-240V

Omron (OMRON) (C200H) Upper computer interlinkage unit C200H-LK202-V1
On the upper computer interlinkage unit, can carry out:
Monitor or change the operating condition of PC.
Read and write IR area
Draw or the loader
One CPU or expand I/O, can connect 2 upper computer interlinkage units at the Entrance, can use RS-232C, RS-422 and plastic sheath optic fibre optical cable
The upper computer interlinkage unit can connect the programmable terminal
Use the transfer instruction (TXD) of C200HX/HG/HE Start transmit data through PC

Omron (OMRON) (CVM1D series PLC) High-speed counting unit C500-CT
C500-CT type is as follows,
An axle / phase difference of the unit is input
Instruction input The outside is exported 3 o’clock / 8 is clicked

Omron (OMRON) I/O connecting cable C200H-CN131
Cable length: 10m


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