Supply with Omron AD003 module Omron can arrange the device CQM of program control

Dec 2nd, 2011

Brand: OMRON – Omron

Name: Supply with Omron AD003 module Omron can arrange the device CQM1H-CPU61 of program control

Type: CQM1H-CPU61

About products:

OMRON Omron >>PLC (programmable controller) >>Medium-sized PLC >> Unit CQM1H-CPU61OMRON Omron unit CQM1H-CPU61 CPU PLC-CPU

The products are detailed:

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Omron AD003 module – can arrange the device CQM1H-CPU61-CQM1H-CPU61 of program control to accuse of to supply with Omron in Guangzhou water chestnut to the limit ————————————————

Introduce in detail:
OMRON Omron >>PLC (programmable controller) >>Medium-sized PLC >> Unit CQM1H-CPU61 PLC-CPU
OMRON Omron unit CQM1H-CPU61 CPU
CQM1H is a kind of compact type PLC with perfect function, it can set up decentralized control system with ContrllerLink of high speed, high capacity. It can also be through collecting and sharing and doing the data, controlling each of mechanical production process and quality data from the middle section conveniently. It can utilize the advanced built-in board to dispose the system in a flexible way. Including high-speed counter, have various advanced built-in boards. The built-in plank that installation demands can meet the application requirements of different machines in unit CPU. Serial communication board can carry on communication with any device with serial port, such as the temperature controller or bar code reader. Compared with CQM1, procedure capacity, point size of DM capacity and I/O have doubled.

Relevant type:
Board CQM1H-ABB21 of Coder interface of absolute value
Module CQM1-TC204 of temperature control
Unit CQM1-SF200 of the safety relay
Export the module CQM1-OC221
PLC – analog quantity outputs the unit CQM1-DA021/DA022
Unit CQM1-SF200 and CS1W-SF200 of the safety relay
DC inputs the unit CQM1-ID214
PLC – install the board CQM1H-MAB42 inside
Analog quantity inputs the unit CQM1-AD041
The transistor-resistor logic exports the module CQM1-OD214
Export the module CQM1-OC224
PLC – output the unit CQM1-OC221/OC222
The transistor-resistor logic exports the module CQM1-OD216
Main unit CQM1-SRM21-V1 PLC-CompoBus/S
PLC – analog quantity inputs the unit CQM1-AD042
Analog quantity sets up the board CQM1H-AVB41
The transistor-resistor logic exports the module CQM1-OD215
Programming cable CQM1-CIF02
PLC – output the unit CQM1-PD026
DC inputs the unit CQM1-ID213
PLC – install the board CQM1H-SCB41 inside
PLC – temperature control unit CQM1-TC001
PLC – output the unit CQM1-OD211
PLC – install the board CQM1H-PLB21 inside
PLC – analog quantity outputs the unit CQM1-DA022
PLC-AC power form CQM1-PA203/206
Unit CQM1-IPS01/02 of supplying power of PLC – analog quantity
PLC – input the unit CQM1-ID211
AC exports the module CQM1-OA222
Power unit CQM1-PA216 AC
Unit CQM1H-CLK21 PLC-Controller Link
Module CQM1-TC002 of temperature control
Module CQM1-TC101 of temperature control
Module CQM1-TC202 of temperature control
Power unit CQM1-PA206 AC
Export the module CQM1-OC222
High-speed counter board CQM1H-CTB41
DC inputs the unit CQM1-ID112
The transistor-resistor logic exports the module CQM1-OD213
PLC – output the unit CQM1-OD214
Board CQM1H-SCB41 of serial communication
Interface unit CQM1-B7A12 B7A
Unit of supplying power CQM1-IPS02
PLC – output the unit CQM1-OD212/213
Unit of supplying power CQM1-IPS01
Analog quantity outputs the unit CQM1-DA021

Relevant information:
Omron (OMRON) (C200H series PLC) I/O cell series C200H-OD
C200H-OD type is as follows,

Omron (OMRON) Safe relay unit (CS1 series PLC) CS1W-SF200
Safety relay and control, input, in 1 Entrance, reduce conductor arrangement and space.
Power independent of PLC of power of the safety relay.
Control the safe loop to export from PLC, K1/K2 electrical relay, or power state.
Offer four common input.
Safety standard: EN954-1 and EN60204-1.

Omron (OMRON) DC multi-point load module C200H-ID218
Input the point size: 32 o’clock
Input voltage: DC24V
Input current: 6mA
Outside interstar connection: Interface unit way ( Take the applicable interface unit C500-CE404)
SYSBUS long-range I/O slave station framework: Can’t
Take up the unit to count: 2CH
International standard: U, C, CE

Omron (OMRON) Output module CQM1-OD214 of transistor-resistor logic
The point size of output: 16 o’clock
The switch capacity of maximum: 50mA DC4.5V – 300mA 26.4V
Capacity of the bib-cock the most: …
Response time (ON delays) : Maximum 0.1ms
Response time (OFF delays) : Maximum 0.4ms
The outside is connected: Terminal table
Leakage current: Maximum 0.1mA
Internal current consumption (DC5V) : Maximum 170mA


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