Supply with the group A2USCPU of FX1N-40MT Chengdu Mitsubishi mould

Dec 2nd, 2011

Brand: MITSUBISHI- Mitsubishi

Name: Supply with the group A2USCPU of FX1N-40MT Chengdu Mitsubishi mould


About products:

Mitsubishi PLC >> Small A series PLC >> CPU >> Unit A2USCPU Mitsubishi unit A2USCPU CPU CPU

The products are detailed:

Online QQ: 800091216
FX1N-40MT – supply Chengdu Mitsubishi mould with in group A2USCPU-FX1N-40MT water chestnut accuse of at Guangzhou to the limit ————————————————

Introduce in detail:
Mitsubishi PLC >> Small A series PLC >> CPU >> Unit A2USCPU CPU
Mitsubishi unit A2USCPU CPU

The point size of Input/Output: 512 o’clock
The point size of der Datenaufbereiter of Input/Output: 8192 o’clock
Procedure capacity: 14K
Processing rate of the basic command (LD command) : 0.2¦Ì s
Built-in RAM memory capacity: 64k

Relevant type:

Relevant information:
Control module A1S62TCTTBW-S2 of Mitsubishi’s temperature

The number of channels: 2 passways
Detecting means and temperature range: R, K, J, T, S, B, E, N, U, L, PL, II, Wre5-26
The A1S64TC series assembly is temperature controller of on-line one kind and ANS series CPU. The control with thermometry inputting and built-in PID algorithm of assembly is exported, can use various temperature controlled occasions.
Each assembly and 4 loops of multe-control the most
Thermocouple inputs or PT100 The temperature of Line 3 appearance sensor is input
Control and output the switching signal outputted for the transistor-resistor logic
BW measures the function signal in order to have circuit break

Mitsubishi’s long range input I/O communication module AJ55TB32-8DR

Type: DC inputs, leaking type / source type
Point size: 4 o’clock
Flexible system configuration; Each long-range the intersection of I/O and I/O assembly control order, keep sufficient and little, required I/O order unlikely to waste only in place of control equipment of installing like this. Meanwhile, do not need terminal resistance and T shape branch to obtain originally putting the flexibility of maximum.

Mitsubishi unit A2SCPU CPU

Memory capacity 14k of the procedure
Point size of Input/Output Maximum is at 512 o’clock

High-capacity battery A10BAT of Mitsubishi

Distinguish inferior sulphur acyl lithium primary cell (the battery of group) of chlorization specifically Initial the intersection of voltage and DC3.6V, known as (superfluous pieces of 1700mAh), 13600mAh of current capacity, Keep the life-span Capability 5 years (that the normal atmospheric temperature is kept)


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