Switch PS41 of the pressure

Mar 2nd, 2012

Brand: GEMS

Name: Switch PS41 of the pressure

Type: PS41

About products:

The sector application of PS41: The plastics / rubber, vessel, water treatment, project engineering goods characteristic: 3- 100psi(0.2- 7bar) Original series PS-E

The products are detailed:

1. Small-scale pressure switch PS41 of GEMS economy

Sector application: Plastics / rubber, vessel, water treatment, engineering machinery

The characteristic of the products: 3- 100psi(0.2- 7bar) Original series PS-E

Performance parameter

Working temperature -40℉ – +180℉ (- 40 ℃- +80 ℃)

Switch [email protected]/24VDC and 125/250VAC (the money contact of available 10Amp or 1Amp)

Repetitiveness maximum & plusmn that presumed a bit; 2% of the @ 70℉ (20 ℃)

Able to bear pressing 350psi(25bar)

Physical parameter

Connect the liquid port diaphragm material: Nitrile (available EPDM and Viton? )

The interface of pressure: Brass (available 316SS)

The electricity connects DIN 43650A IP65; Carry sub IP00; The line IP65 flies

Weight (invite) 0.3lbs.(0.14kg)

Authorize CE, UL authorizes availably

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