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TOUCH 200 . 5.7″ High light the unicolor ‘ Blue) LCD TOUCH 506S . 5.7″ Colored STN LCD TOUCH 250 . 9.4″ High light the unicolor ‘ Blue) LCD TOUCH510S . 10.4″ High light STN LCD TOUCH510T . 10.4″ High light TFT LCD . Definition: 320( W) *240( H) Click ( Touch 200/506S) 640(W) *480( [...]

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Order telephone number: 18129922188 Order QQ: 2850158239 Long-range the intersection of IO and module / 485 module ADAM-4117 analog quantity load modules of No. 8 ADAM-4118 firm type thermocouple load modules of No. 8, take Modbus ADAM-4150 digital quantity I/O module ADAM-4015 thermal resistance load modules of No. 6 ADAM-4024 analog quantity output module of [...]

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Leading particulars The single-end of No. 16 or differentiating analog quantity of No. 8 is input, or the mode of combination is input 12 analog to digital converters, can reach 100 kS/s while sampling several rate Board year 4K samples FIFO dashpot The gain to noise temperature ratio of each incoming channel is programmable Content [...]

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