Taiwan reaches the frequency converter series VFD-M

Dec 22nd, 2011

Brand: Delta – platform is reached

Name: Taiwan reaches the frequency converter series VFD-M

Type: Series VFD-M

About products:

High the intersection of function and with low noise bikini frequency converter, have small low-speed the intersection of moment and old, the intersection of performance and improve, characteristic such as being easy to use. Can apply to various applications such as small-scale constant pressure water -supply system, industry’s machinery, industrial automation control extensively.

The products are detailed:

Taiwan reaches VFD-M frequency converter: The high function is extremely with low noise and bikini

Specified voltage, power range:
230V / single-phase (0.4kw-2.2kw)
230V / three phases (0.4kw-5.5kw)
460V / three phases (0.75kw-75kw)
· It is small and apt to install and operate MODBUS communication form
· It operate it enclose on frequency presume by with low noise, signal carrier frequencies ultra on of potentiometer but
Reach 18KHz
· The automatic torque is promoted and the automatic province energy of slippery difference compensation is operated
· 8 sections of speed and 7 sections can the form operate
· External counter

The range of application:
Baling press, boiled meat dumpling machine, race apparatus, agriculture cultivates the warm humidity and controls the wind
Fan, the food is processed the mixer, grinding machine, holing machine, oil pressure of little shape
Lathe (under 3HP) , lift (2HP) , apply installation, the small-scale milling machine
(level process 3HP) , the mechanical arm (insert and fetch) which shoot the shaping machine , wood
Worker machine (two sides planer) Hem machine, add the playing machine

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