Taiwan reaches the frequency converter series VFD

Dec 22nd, 2011

Brand: Delta – platform is reached

Name: Taiwan reaches the frequency converter series VFD

Type: Series VFD

About products:

There are several kinds as follows of daily types that Taiwan reaches the frequency converter and produces in China: Series VFD-M –Mini series with low noise Series VFD-A –With low noise Fan’s using type Series VFD-B –Have not detected turning towards

The products are detailed:

Taiwan reaches the frequency converter

Taiwan reaches VFD-B frequency converter: The high function vector quantity is controlled and suffused with the using type

Specified voltage, power range:
230V / single-phase (0.75kw-2.2kw)
230V / three phases (0.75kw-37kw)
460V / three phases (0.75kw-75kw)
· Vectorial control and V/F control MODBUS communication form
· The motor parameter adjusts right(Auto tuning)s The parameter password is locked
· 16 speed, 15 can form turn round PG speed tickle, control ‘ Choose)
· Include PID and tickle and control to adjust automatically rightly and add the time of moderating
· Have, start speed track mode 4 Section add, moderate, change independently

The range of application:
The air conditioner of the building, wood carving machine, lathe, waste water process system, X-Y of the overhead traveling crane
Axle, washing machine, flat scalding machine, air compressor, cargo lift, hand escalator, round weave
Machine, arranging sideways machine, making surface machine, the woodwork planer, spinning machine on four sides etc.

Taiwan reaches VFD-VE frequency converter: High-performance the intersection of magnetism and one bunch of vectors controlling type ‘ Advanced model)

Specified voltage, power range:
230V / three phases (0.75kw-22kw)
460V / three phases (0.75kw-75kw)
· Frequency 0.1-600Hz of the output
· Adopt servo strong type PDFF to control
· Gain and frequently wide presuming in speed 0, PI at a high speed
· Close the ring and control the mode with the speed, at the time of a speed to keep the torque being up to 150%
· Cross and support: 150% can be up to one minute, 200% can be up to two seconds
· Origin involution, the pulse is followed, point-to-point position control of 16 o’clock
· The position / speed / torque controls the mould
· The superstrong tension control, accepts and puts the roll function
· 32 CPUs, the high-speed edition can export 3333.4Hz at most
· Support double RS-485, the on-the-spot bus and controlling the software
· The built-in main shaft makes a reservation and changes the knife
· Can drive the electric main shaft of high speed
· Localization of main shafts, rigidity attack tooth ability etc.

The range of application:
The lift, overhead traveling crane, jack-up, PCB holing machine, carving tool, steel metallurgy,
Petroleum, CNC tool machine, moulding plastics machine, the automatic storage system, printing machine
Tool instrument, rewinding machine, cutting machine,etc.

Taiwan reaches VFD-G frequency converter: Plastic, and empty to press / hydraulic press specialized type

Specified voltage, power range:
460V / three phases (5.5kw-75kw)
· Unique overload capacity, 150% 60 second ( To special industry)
· High reliability and lower energy are lost ‘ Mould group IGBT of new most generation)
· Output frequency 0.1- 120Hz, automatic steady voltage are regulated and exported
· 16 segments can preserve the speed and 15 sections the procedure run
· Build PID to tickle and control inside
· Analog quantity input signal channels of No. three (but operation of proportion and addition operation) ;
· Build the resisting device of direct current in 18.5KW- 75KW
· Build 2 pieces of totally insulating and independent large electric current ( 1A) inside The analogy is input, and
Can formate operation
· All I/O end sons all protect and have superior resisting the disturbing for being insulating
· But V/F contours and V/F contours of 3 powers presumed
· Dual ground terminals and intact protection functions
· Have computing function of price of electricity

The range of application:
Moulding plastics machine, crowding the moulding machine, blowing the membrane machine, bottle blowing machine, empty hydraulic press,etc.

Taiwan reaches VFD-L frequency converter: Multi-functional and simple type

Specified voltage, power range:
230V / single-phase (40w-0.75kw)
· Frequency 1.0-400Hz of the output
· But V/F curve presumed
· The frequency of the signal carrier can reach 10kHz
· The automatic torque promotes and automatic slippery difference compensation function
· Put Modbus and can reach 9600bps to the greatest extent inside

The range of application:
Series this light horsepowers of motor but design specially, built-in the intersection of EMI and wave filter, effective
Inhibit interfering with electromagnetically. Apply to the simple and easy wood cutting machine extensively, transport the belt,
Wire drawing machine, blood centrifuge

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