Take care of the American scientific and technological MT6100HA newest staging edition touch-sensitive screen real color touch-sensitive screen

Mar 23rd, 2017

Reveal: 60,000 real colors 10 ” TFT liquid crystal screen, 1024*600 picture element

Luminance: 280cd/m2

Power consumption: 8W

Communication interface: 232 times of 1 self-carrying, 485 times of one, a touch-sensitive screen downloads the port, one USB mouth

USB downloads the mouth: Yes

Memory 128M of the touch-sensitive screen; The processor speed 720M( 1G) ; Corex A8 kernel processor; Support U one to store; Support WINCE system; Available to hold net mouth and audio frequency

Reveal the size: 222*133mm

Physical dimension: 275*194*36mm

Trepan the size: 261*180mm

Programming software: <>

The detailed materials are consulted: <>

Contacts: Miss Du
Telephone: 860755-26051858
Fax: 860755-26400661
Email: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.coolmay.net
Address: The resurgence of south light path of Nanshan District is industrial city 1 605

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