The automatic compensating controller of intellectual inactive power trends, automatic compensation is controlled

Dec 15th, 2011

Brand: The west of Germany’s strength

Name: The automatic compensating controller of intellectual inactive power trends, the automatic compensating controller of _’s trends of the automatic compensating controller, west compensating controller _’s controller series of Germany’s strength

Type: Automatic compensating controller of intellectual inactive power trends of the west of Germany’s strength

About products:

The automatic compensating controller of intellectual inactive power trends, the automatic compensating controller of _’s trends of the automatic compensating controller, serial _’s dynamic controllers of _’s controller of west compensating controller of Germany’s strength

The products are detailed:

JKL5C intellectual compensating controller and electric capacity automatic in inactive power compensate the cupboard and cooperate and use, used for compensating the inactive power, it is 50Hz- 60Hz, specified three-phase electric wire netting with voltage of AC380V to be suitable for frequency range. Please choose JKL5C intellectual compensating controller automatic in inactive power when buying the controller. Standard

JB/T 9663

Characteristic of the products

There is factor COS&phi of power; For 1.00 steady workspace and excise the intersection of door and limit, presume, stablize one that control district expand while being leading, the energy-conserving result is better

The intersection of operability and the intersection of panel and function key, presume or revise relevant the intersection of parameter and value, realize, exchange while being man-machine, the parameter has memory functions after presuming

To to pass compensation, owe compensate, overvoltage, owe electric current situation electric wire netting, can all reveal and make corresponding treatment automatically

The products have automatic ancient bronze mirror looks functions, wiring way is not fixed, it is very convenient to wire, easy to install and debugging, it is wide to use the occasion, user’s satisfaction is high

The products adopt the one-chip computer to control, draw the advanced technology outside China, upgrade the software, reset automatically (WDT) Function; The ability to resist interference is strong, it is stable and reliable to work, it is accurate to compensate, it is simple to debug

Main technical parameter

Sampled voltage


380V ± 15%

Take a sample in the electric current


N/5A (Is is less than or equal to 5A)



50 – 60

Working way

Work, circulate and throw cutting continuously

Output way

4,6,8,10,12 return circuits

Compensate the way

Three-phase balanced compensation

The complete machine power


Less than or equal to 15

Lie between the electric intensity


Frequently worker 2500

Protect the grade

The shelter grade of the outer cover is IP30



< 1.5


The west of Germany’s strength


Compensating controller

Supplier type


Product specification

Compensating controller

Packing of product

Compensating controller

The goods are transported

Compensating controller


Compensating controller

Time limit of delivering

In three days


Compensating controller

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