The closing type condenses water and retrieves the system

Mar 6th, 2012

Brand: East time

Name: The closing type condenses water and retrieves the system


About products:

It is structural to condense water retrieving device inside: Collect water container; The soda condenses water to enter except the dirty device after separating; Adjust and press and arrange the device quickly; Water conservancy diversion device; The soda is separated and fitted; Vapour losing and dispelling device.

The products are detailed:

When the system runs, condense water to discharge with the hot apparatus, enters and condenses water return water device through the water dredging device. Condense the intersection of water and return water device, steam pot, get rid of the dirty device, condenses water and arranges the device quickly flashing, pressure balancing device, vapour losing and dispelling device, holds the water tank, liquid location and turns into and sends the sensor etc. to make uping. After the high temperature condenses water and enters to flash to steam the pot, separate the soda in the pot, condense water to be coherent to arrange device, flow into, hold water tank quickly while being over, produce two flash steam.
Flash steam through guide, penetrate device, send to, condense water, pump the intersection of water and pipeline, make, flash steam seal and retrieve. Flash, steam in the pot because gas and liquid discharge constantly, make it steam pressure in the pot, remain all the time, lower than, condense water, arrange pressure of export with hot apparatus not to flash, thus has guaranteed the back of the return water presses entry that can be smooth even under relatively situation of the bottom. Flash, steam pot with coherent to arrange device, link quickly while being over to hold water tank, for let, condense inflow of water quickly, hold the water tank, install the pressure balancing device in the case. Generally, working pressure its set up under 0.1MPa, while selecting for use actually choose working pressure in the case that correspond to according to the intersection of return water and high or low prices pigeonholed to carry, keep sealed in the case forever to make, obstructed atmosphere.
Vapour, liquid double-phase fluid in holding the water tank, under the circumstances that the pressure balancing device is regulated, make at the level surface forming certain pressuring, lose person who dispel through vapour and then, make it condense in the course of ink in high temperature of sucking not to condense water pump, have changed the condition that the water pump vapour loses and happens, has guaranteed the whole return water is under the airtight condition of running, condense the water pump and lose. According to the actual demand of every systematic operating mode, we run according to the water pump of this apparatus the way is divided into two kinds: One kind, in order to move continuously, is directed primarily to the situation that the requirement for supplying water of continuity is quite strict, and the operation way taken; Another kind run for intermittence type, according to condense to full of degree, come operation way that set up water in the water tank water pump. Manual and planting the control method two times automatically in the same electric apparatus switch board, while setting up automatically, water pump start when high the intersection of liquid and location, low liquid stop when the location, the water pump stop when the water pump is started to hold the water level in the water tank when going beyond the line of high water level, wait for the water level to reach lower limit. If a certain system breaks down, will give out the sound and only call the police automatically, at the time of normal running, two water pumps will be switched over regularly.

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