The great country revitalizes and wins the ultrathin dull and stereotyped computer

Dec 3rd, 2011

Brand: The great country revitalizes and wins

Name: The great country revitalizes and wins the ultrathin dull and stereotyped computer

Type: AWS-121TE-N270

About products:

The name of product: AWS-121TE-N270 product specification: 12.1 ” XGA TFT LCD ultrathin dull and stereotyped computer products remarks: 12.1 ” XGA TFT LCD ultrathin plateforms

The products are detailed:

Description of products

Characteristic: 12.1 ” XGA TFT LCD (resolution ratio 1024×768) ,Intel has no processor of fan to move 1.6GHz low consumption to insult in luminance 450cd/m2 board year Support a 200Pin DDRⅡ 400/533MHz slot, it is 2GB to have the biggest capacity
Offer 4 USB2.0, 3 string together mouth, 1 LPT combine mouth, the intersection of AC97 and sonic card, pairs of the intersection of LAN and the intersection of network and mouth
One grade of resistance type direct-flow DC12V power of touch-sensitive screen imports in industry Support 98 Windows / NT/2000/XP, Linux, imbed editions of Windows XP Product specification The case structure of the machine: The preceding board aluminium magnesium alloy material gushes out and moulds the high temperature to toast and deal with the panel, the preceding board reaches IP65 and protects the grade Case the intersection of body and structural the intersection of aluminium and the intersection of magnesium and the intersection of alloy and the intersection of material and surface gush out, mould high temperature, toast, deal with, esthetic and light and possessing good heat-dissipating performance Install way support panel to be embedded and the intersection of VESA and hanging install the way The input AC100V 240V of power is transferred to 12VDC power adapter and imported Panel getting dark ‘ Fine sand line) Overall size 340 x 269 x 72 mm (width x high and x deep) The case has body appearance 309 x 238 x 64 mm (width x high and x deep) The cabinet opened hole 311 x 240mm (width x high) The complete machine weight 4.4KG Systematic parameter: Intel insults and moves TM1.6GHz low consumption processor, the frequency 533MHz of the front bus in processor board year Group Intel 945GSE&ICH7-M of the chip The memory supports a 200PIN DDR2 400/533MHZ slot, the greatest support 2GB of the capacity The magnetic disc supports SATA 250GB 2.5 ” HDD, the available electronic hard disk Reveal Intel GMA950 224MB shares apparently to exist, supports VGA and LVDS one pair of screens to reveal One 100M and a 1000M RJ45 port of port of the network Audio frequency RTL ALC662 audio frequency controller, support LINE-out&MIC-in USB 4 USB2.0 ports One bunch of mouths and 3 RS232 ports And 1 mouth combines the mouth, support SPP/EPP/ECP mode Keyboard of one PS/2 of PS/2 and a PS/2 mouse LCD Display screen type 12.1″ XGA TFT LCD Maximum resolution ratio 1024 x 768 RGB The greatest color 262K reveals the area 245.76mm (level) X184.32mm is (vertical) React for time 13ms CCFL 2CCFL in a poor light The life-span in a poor light is 50,000 hours Luminance 450 cd/m 2 Contrast ratio 700︰1 Distance 0.240mm of picture element (level) x 0.240mm is (vertical) 80/80/80/80 of greatest visual angle The parameter of the touch-sensitive screen: Type Simulation resistance type of Line eight Resolution ratio 4096 x 4096 Touch the response time <10ms ???? 3H ???? 250???,1000?? ???? 250???,100?? ??? 81%?? ???? RS232???USB??(??) Environmental parameter: Working temperature 0~50 ℃ stores the temperature -20~60 ℃ relative humidity 10~95% have not condensed Shake (work) Shake 50~500Hz, 1.0G at random Impact 10G(11ms) Order information AWS-121TE –Insult and move N270 1.6GHZ processor / DDR2 1G (or 2G is available) Reveal memory / 250GB hard disk / pairs of network mouth / pair /12VDC power adapter Can mix the configuration software Can offer guests to make the service of melting Size picture (mm)

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