The great PLC new product forever

Dec 1st, 2011

Brand: FATEK is great – forever

Name: The great PLC new product forever

Type: Many kinds of types

About products:

Small, powerful

The products are detailed:

High-speed, high function, low cost

FB-PLC that department develop second generation FA-002A specialized crystal plate newly so as to being great ‘ 69,000 floodgates of ASIC) It is a heart, except that and the first generation crystal plate FA-001B totally holds altogether, its frequency of pluse is promoted by 2 times. Integration high-speed communication interfaces, high-speed counters (HSC) at the same time even more , NC positioning control, high device (HST) while taking down in short-hand , inside /external interruption,etc. zoarium circuit at crystal plate at. Make the speed faster, with better function, reliability is better. , the lower the most of price in order that the function is strongest with the grade PLC.

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