The high-efficiency manual KTC-800 tension controller apparatus Carrey reaches the card

Feb 1st, 2012

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Name: The high-efficiency manual KTC-800 tension controller apparatus Carrey reaches the card

Type: KTC-800

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The high-efficiency manual KTC-800 tension controller apparatus Carrey reaches the card

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The high-efficiency manual KTC-800 tension controller apparatus Carrey reaches the card KTC-800 manual tension controller formed by high-speed microprocessor and high-power switch power, can work flowing permanently, constant pressure, permanent power, (permanent torsion) Wait for three kinds of modes, can compensate the hot decay of the clutch / brake automatically, the moment is exported stably and reliably. Systematic function parameter 1,Flow while being permanent, constant pressure, permanent the intersection of power and three 2 work pattern, compensate clutch / hot 3 – 0-4 decay of brake, flow permanently adjustably automatically, the potentiometer or outside 0-10V signal inputs 5, 0-24V constant pressure is adjustable to walk into 0.01A4, can be connected, it is adjustable to walk into 1V6, permanent power 0-100%, walk into 1% 7, 4.5A and pass and flow and protect, shorts out and protects 8, long-life and regulates the button KTC800 series mine hoist / automatically controlled system of frequency conversion of the lifting machine
The lifting machine of the mine is a machine, electricity, the integrated large-scale machinery of the liquid, it is a throat to produce in the mine, its security is influencing production capacity and personnel of the whole mine directly, security of the apparatus. It is that winding the line a bunch of resistance of rotor circuit of motor adjusts the speed (the way stands in the magnetic force) that the traditional mine lifting machine adjusts the control method of the speed . This kind of control method, in order to have grade to adjust speed, it is small to adjust speed range, the precision is low, the resistance is large in energy consumption, safe performance is bad, safeguard the work load largely, need the direct current source of power brake, it is apt to cause the apparatus to be damaged, and wasted a large amount of electric energy.
KTC800 type promotes the electromechanics and accuses of system’s adopting frequency conversion to adjust speed technology and advanced programmable controller (PLC) Technology, combine the specialized promotion of our company and control the software, has solved fundamentally originally and adjusted various disadvantages that the control system of the speed exists, making the mine promote drives the system to produce and step and go up to a new stage in automation.
The electric control system of mining hoist explains
Use and applicable scope
This system is suitable for various promotion jack-up apparatuses (not the explosion-proof type) such as series JTP and series JK ; Such as the waste rock mountain hoist lifting machine of the colliery, mine lifting machine of the colliery,etc..
Consider lowering and holding while exceeding 1000 meters in height above sea level, temperature range – 10 ℃ is 40 ℃, the relative humidity does not exceed 85%, not shaking vigorously, without strong magnetic field, there are no dust of conductivity and corrosivity gas.
Basic structure and technical parameter
The pattern of the electrical machinery: Exchange the winding the line asynchronous motor or asynchronous motor of squirrel-cage;
The electrical machinery capacity: Power 45KW 570KW;
Voltage grade: AC380V,AC660V;
Applicable scope: Mining lifting machines of different series JTP and series JK;
Type: KTC800 or a lot manually /full-automatic tension controller

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