The high-performance tension controls the specialized frequency converter

Dec 17th, 2011

Brand: JEVA

Name: The high-performance tension controls the specialized frequency converter

Type: JEVA 329A

About products:

JEVA 329A – 4R0 – 3 A B product classification JEVA: Frequency converter product series 329A : The permanent tension controls the specialized series to be right and mixes the load power 4

The products are detailed:

The tension controls the specialized frequency converter

JEVA329A series frequency converter, the suitable permanent tension control request employs the occasion higher, especially succeed in replacing and fitting international brands such as Sichuan, Siemens, human relations thatch, Sri Lankan, Denver,etc. in packing the trade, printing trade.

1,Have quiet / move, rub moment compensate and the systematic inertia is compensated and the material inertia is compensated;

2,The roll is restored to the throne, calculates the restriction directly in the real-time calculation roll foot-path, roll directly;

3,Drive function in advance, the intersection of conical degree and tension, tension promote and disconnected strip find;

4,In the industry to lead, calculate directly roll precision bring up to 0.001mm;

5,Ten tension setover and ten moment setover many kinds of control method in order to prevent, hand materials, run partially;

6,The linear velocity limits the function;

7,In the industry to first elect PG card and calculate the roll foot-path, do not need to add the photoelectric switch;

8,Dispose many kinds of application to be great to choose, only with presume one parameter can employ, if the wire drawing machine speed accepts the line to employ greatly, the cutting machine moment is hand and employed greatly, the applying machine moment is hand and employed greatly, drench the membrane machine speed and put the roll to employ greatly;

9,Many kinds of PID invest the way, help users to realize ” 0″ Waste material;

10,Unique pre- drive promotes the function, make the linear velocity move ahead simultaneously simpler;

Two kinds of control methods can be chosen: Make the torque control method of the ring and close the control method of the ring speed
Make the torque control method of the ring:
It means that does not need the feedback signal of tension to make the ring, the frequency converter directlies control the output torque of the electrical machinery,
The output frequency follows the automatic change of linear velocity of the worker material.
If install the pulse encoder additionally, can control the output torque of the electrical machinery more accurately.
The tension is presumed: Presume tension value directly.
While using actually, presumed according to the material, curly shaping requirement used by the user.
The conical degree of the tension is presumed: Can presume that increase with the roll directly, the electrical machinery exports the torque to increase or reduce,
Guarantee the tension is invariable or improves and hand the shaping result.
The roll is calculated directly: According to the on-the-spot operating position, input several basic parameters, calculate the roll foot-path automatically.
The torque is compensated: The output torque of the electrical machinery, while adding and moderating,
Take, used for, overcome, accept while being some ‘ Put) The turning inertia of the roll roller, set up through the parameter,
According to adding the speed of moderating, compensate the electrical machinery and export the torque automatically,
Make the system add the course of moderating and still obtain steady tension.
Close the control method of the ring speed:
It refers to the need tension or position feedback signal to close the ring, compound PID regulator from disposing,
Form and close the ring to regulate, control the electrical machinery rotational speed, make the tension feedback on the steady setting value in PID regulator,
Achieve the invariable purpose of the tension. Under this kind of mode,
The tension is presumed invalid, the tension is confirmed by the pendulum rod of the tension or counterweight of the floating roller.
The linear velocity is input: Compound the input variable of PID regulator, the roll calculates the parameter directly.
The roll is calculated directly: The roll in right time moves and calculates unexpectedly, regulate the rotational speed.

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