The intersection of Taiwan and prosperous electrical machinery – prosperous plane of moderating Wan Wan – prosperous gear Wan moderate motor – Wan

Dec 24th, 2011

Brand: Wan Xin

Name: The intersection of Taiwan and prosperous electrical machinery – prosperous plane of moderating Wan Wan – prosperous gear Wan moderate motor – prosperous electromechanical Co., Ltd. Wan

Type: GH28-400-30S

About products:

Taiwan prosperous electrical machinery – Wan Wan prosperous to moderate plane – prosperous gear Wan moderate motor – prosperous electromechanical the intersection of Co., Ltd. and the intersection of Shanghai and sales office Wan, detailed measurement of the products of welcoming to call to consult.

The products are detailed:

The intersection of Taiwan and prosperous electrical machinery – prosperous plane of moderating Wan Wan – prosperous gear Wan moderate motor – prosperous electromechanical Co., Ltd. Wan
The characteristic of the products:
–From the grade range of the power of 0.025KW-7.5KW, 9 kinds of machine stand specifications.
–Wiring stand and whole aluminium alloy of organism press-cast the structure, the sealing is good, totally accord with IP54, IP55 outer cover and protect the classification standard.
–Strengthen the heat-dissipating muscle to design, make the aircrew possess stronger cooled ability. Maintain the good operation performance of the electrical machinery under the abominable environment.
–The accurate dynamic equilibrium corrects and the specialized low noise bearing, make the electrical machinery operate more balanced, squelch muting.
–Offer B grade, insulating grade of F grade to make.
–Set up go out of the intersection of axle and seal installation in advance, with variable-speed motor, moderate when plane connect together, the sealing property is reliable and safe.

Prosperous electrical machinery Wan, Wan prosperous to moderate characteristic of plane:
1,Moderate electrical machinery combine the international technical requirement and make, have very high scientific and technological contents.
2,Save space is reliable and durable, bear ability high year, power can up to 3.7KW to be the above-mentioned.
3,With low consumption, superior performance, the moderating machine efficiency is up to more than 95%.
4,It is small to shake, the noise is low, energy-conservation is high, select the material of high-quality section of steel products, the body of casting iron case of rigidity for use, the surface of the gear passes the high-frequency heat treatment.
5,Process through being accurate, guarantee to orient the precision, the gear that the gear transmission of all these compositions always becomes moderated the electrical machinery disposed all kinds of electrical machineries, integrate after forming the electromechanics, has totally guaranteed the products use the quality characteristic.
6,The products have adopted seriation, module design philosophy, there is extensive adaptability, this series of products have extremely a lot of electrical machinery making up, erection site and structural scheme, can choose arbitrary rotational speed and various structural forms according to the need of reality.

Prosperous electrical machinery Wan, Wan prosperous to moderate trouble of plane and detection connect install attentive matters:

1,Please confirm moderating in advance before using the appearance of the electrical machinery is the damage? Is there a oil spill phenomenon?
2,Please confirm moderating in advance the electrical machinery uses the voltage. Can install the voltage stabilizer additionally when the voltage is unstable.
3,Please confirm buying the electrical machinery specification of moderating and conforming with the design specification in advance?
4,Please confirm the fixed machine seat, in order to avoid operating taking off loose while transmitting.
5,If use the sprocket, the belt pulley, shaft coupling Wait for the attachment, need to really install according to the relevant regulation.
6 moderate electrical machinery already put into and lubricate the butter in the organism, exempt and change the lubricating oil in 12000 hours.
7,Moderate when transmission of electrical machinery turn round, the specified electric current can’t exceed the data plate of the motor and label the electric current value.
8,The peripheral temperature that please notice, the humidity, tingle questions such as alkalinity,etc..
9,Adapt to the environment as – 10 degrees – +40 degrees, the humidity is that 90% are following, indoor elevation is under 1000 metres.
10,In accordance with correct the intersection of way and installation, maintain or operate, may cause, moderate electrical machinery injure seriously.
11,Need to confirm the external power totally rolls over the electrical machinery before moderating while maintaining or dismantling.
12,The safe protector needs certain installation, so as to ensure that it is safe to absolutely operate.
13,The motor needs earth connection, please consult the relevant regulation of the distribution.
14,After please really confirm all installation parts and transmission fittings fixed and errorless,
And then start the moderation electrical machinery.
15,If moderate the electrical machinery cooperate with the frequency converter to need to install the auxiliary cooling fan independently additionally when the low rotational speed is transmitted.
16,Single-phase to moderate the electrical machinery still remains some electric charges in its condenser after cutting out, please discharge or carry sub earthing in advance.
17,When the motor is installed vertically, please tell our factory engineering department in advance.

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