The iSVG series high pressure does not have a work generator stationary

Dec 22nd, 2011

Brand: INVT – Great Britain is majestic to rise

Name: The iSVG series high pressure does not have a work generator stationary


About products:

The iSVG series high pressure does not have a work generator stationary

The products are detailed:

1,Products summary
ISVG series high pressure have work stationary generator Great Britain majestic to rise company it researches and develops produces to be resting type to there is no work to compensate to the apparatus under high pressure, can compensate, have work, too can compensate harmonic wave, belong to having work compensation product while being the third generation of most advanced at present.
The iSVG series products adopt the advanced chain type topological structure with redundant ability of running, the work is stable and reliable, the control system adopts three nuclearly (DSP + FPGA + ARM) Digital treatment technology, have improved the response speed, self-protection and communication ability of the device greatly.
The iSVG series products adopt positively and maintain the structural design, the installation of reliable wall, has saved the floor space greatly, facilitate the overhaul of the equipments, has reduced and safeguarded the work load.
2,Operation principle
The iSVG series high pressure does not have a work generator to make up changing the bridge type circuit of looks with IGBT stationary, connect in parallel on the electric wire netting through the reactor, exchange phase place and amplitude of the output voltage with appropriate regulation bridge type circuit, or control it to exchange electric current of side, can make this circuit absorb or have no electric current of work to send out, realize that there is no work to compensate dynamically.
3,Technological advantage of the products
The technology of encouraging oneself and starting, guarantee to be incorporated into the power networks in the electric current have not assaulted
Chain type redundant topological scheme, improve systematic dependability greatly
Not having a work theory to adopt instantlying, it is fastest to respond to and can reach 5ms
The space vector PWM control technology of many level, improve systematic dependability and ability to resist interference
Yard discerns patented technology, guarantee the data are dealt with accurately in time to adopt the photo-communication by mistake
Adopt three nuclear process systems, has improved systematic response speed and dependability of running greatly
Export and is incorporated into the power networks and adopt the reactor to connect, reduce the apparatus volume greatly, reduce user’s purchase cost
Positive to safeguard the structural design, reduce the floor space, safeguard and overhaul greatly and conveniently
The system possesses 17 kinds of protection functions, guarantees the safe operation of the device
Abundant foreign interface, the man-machine interface of the large screen, can be with the flexible interface of user’s scene
Compensate function to be diversified, possess, have work compensate, harmonic wave compensate, shoulder preface compensating, comprehensive compensation function
The system designs adopting and resisting electromagnetically and interfering with the measure in an all-round way, guarantees the reliable operation of the apparatus most effectively

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