The whole series of the eastern motor

Dec 10th, 2011

Brand: ORIENTAL MOTOR – eastern motor

Name: The whole series of the eastern motor

Type: The whole series of the eastern motor

About products:

Brand-new and original packaging, high-quality quality, complete after-sale service, the price has advantages.

The products are detailed:

Our company deals in the eastern motor of Japan, some stock of low price. The main products are as follows, AC small-scale motor, direct current has not brushed the electrical machinery, walk into the electrical machinery, the controller, electronic model’s group, cool fan,etc., Japan imports original packagingly, welcomes every trader friends to call to consult!

To various demands of users’, the eastern motor can have 4000 multi-type products battle arrays suitable for all field demands, the products of the eastern motor are fill with everything.

The characteristics of all kinds of products:

: Have, get, can control AC of speed transfer the intersection of speed and motor and have strip to apply the brake device electromagnetic to apply the brake motor with the intersection of reaction and motor, reversible motor from power. Install the size from 60mm to 90mm, output power from 6W to 90W, the products are various in style. In addition it collocate, use parallel the intersection of axle and machine of moderating and hand in axle plane of moderating direct.

: Do not have speed which brushes direct current motor and driver that control and use the motor to make the small-scale high power up. Can save energies, stabilize the speed, strengthen the variable speed range. Install the size from 60mm to 104mm, output power 30W- 400W, various in style.

: It is one kind that even not need the position and measure the sensor and carry on the motor of operation of high-accuracy, high dependability. Can pay, control directly with pulse signal, whenever the pulse is input, utilize and change the operation which flows through coil electric current of the motor, change the operation of certain angle one by one.

: Walk into motor, electronic slippery platform, electronic jar, must possess, assign, run controller of order ‘ The pulse is sent to the shaking device) Can give full play to the controller which walks into the motor characteristic.

: There are various transmission devices that can carry on linear movements, such as driving ball spiral shell’s pole or electronic slippery platform of the belt in order to walk into the motor, electronic jars, small-scale transmission devices of new structure driven with ball spiral shell’s pole and adopting the rack & middot; The straight line of the gear organization reduces the speed machine and waits for the abundant linear job to be systematic.

: Cooling fan products battle array with high performance. The fan flows to there is axle that is suitable for taking a breath and cooling, suitable for the west Rocco’s fan that the part cools and flow over the fan, in addition enclose rotational speed reducing or rotational speed to stop the fan that measures the alarm, variable speed fan etc., products various in style.

Based on sincerity, satisfactory service, innovate realistically, develop together! We get in touch in producing suppliers directly, can offer the optimum price to customer, it is favorable to shorten the goods one, technical support respect, our production supplier gives aid to us directly.

Quality is guaranteed:
The technical requirement standard of quality: According to Panasonic’s products quality criteria, the third quality is chartered (one year) : One year
1 buy by oneself, buy from the day in the one year, under normal operating position, such as break down and check, assert, belong to quality to be getting bad by our company, act as the free repair.
2 following trouble that situation take place, within not originally guaranteeing the range
A Fire, natural the intersection of calamity and trouble of leading to the fact such as being soaked with water
B , the trouble caused by the fact that careless improperlying use waiting for someone for fault
C , others’ persons who have overhauled or transformed ever beyond our company

Delivery explains:
Transportation way and expenses are born: Sending one in express delivery, the seller bears the freight charges.
Under the normal situation, deliver from the one can reach the place of delivery in three workdaysing products, the urgent document or dispatch can arrive in one workday.
Because the raw materials are supplied and be influenced by present global supply and demand situation and the products will be examined the lost goods period by the customs, will change to some extent at time of delivery, so can’t guarantee to order partly until the time of delivery. Another the applicable above-mentioned time of delivery of following situation: > It is unable to confirm & gt of customer’s payment credit situation; & gt located in remote area of place of delivery; Result in contacting the delay because of customer

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