Thick thing science and technology Strengthening portable machine HW-1683HW-1683

Jan 16th, 2018

3U 8 trough PXI/PXIe slab
Compatible PXI, PXIe, cPCI and cPCIExpress module
Accord with PXI/PXIe and cPCI norm
Every slot has high speed specialized bandwidth and ultrafast system bandwidth
Industry 15 ” display screen 1024×768 definition
Insert the input interface with AC power boat
The anticollision of special wrap angle is designed
Strengthen the handle
But apolegamy PXI/PXIe control device and module
It can be that PXI/PXIe module customizes and navigates to insert the interface

First of industry takes 8 trough 3U PXI/PXIe platforms of keyboard, mouse, liquid crystal screen, chassis and control device

This strong portable computer specially for various test, measure portable to employ environment but design, chassis 8 built-in trough PXI/PXIe slabs, the high specialized bandwidth up to 1GB/s of every trough of the slab, in order to obtain the remarkable characteristic. It has 3 PXIe slots, a PXIe slots with regular function of the system, 4 that can accept PXI mix the slot with PXIe peripheral module one. This slab possesses all characteristics of the latest PXI norm, and the module of compatible PXI and PXIe. It is furnished with built-in 10 MHz reference clock, PXI used for PXI module and touch off the star of bus line and PXI to touch off, and built-in 100 MHz reference clock, SYNC 100 and PXI star-shaped differentiating used for PXIe module are touched off. The systematic tape of this Built-in: high-performance slab total ranges broadly from 4GB/s, satisfiable demands of different application software of high handling capacity.

This strong portable computer built-in Intel® Core? I7 high-performance polykaryon processor, for various test, measure and employ designing, have 7 PXI/PXIe peripheral slots. The polykaryon processor contains a plurality of and calculates the engine, can carry out a plurality of to calculate the task at the same time, there are very great advantages under the environment of multitask running, each utility program can enter different cores of the processor respectively at the same time, thus improve systematic overall performance. Such characteristics as fully utilize PXI/PXIe to be stable and reliable, with good compatibility, structure stabilizing, data throughput is great, the characteristic is high, offer PXI/PXIe standard platform service, construct the optimal walkie integrative solution for numerous application. Through hardware and software of third parties such as integrated NI, Agilent, Aeroflex,etc., the engineer can put up various measurement, test and monitor system very conveniently, suitable for all kinds of portable application.


Intel® Core? I7 / i5 / i3 processor (but the apolegamy)


DDR3/4GB/8GB (but the apolegamy)

Chip set

Intel® QM67/ QM77/ QM87 Express Chipset (but the apolegamy)

Expansion slot

7 3U PXI/PXIe expansion slots


SATA 500GB (but apolegamy SSD)

IO port

1x Serial Ports; 1 x Express Card/34 Slot; 1x GPIB(IEEE 488 Controller) ; 4 x USB2.0; 2x USB3.0; 2x Ethernet; 2x DP

Display unit

The industrial display screen 15 ” LCD, 1024×768 definition

Insert the adapter with boat

Can customize and navigate to insert the interface (customize needing to pay extraly) for PXI/PXIe module


300W, 110~220VAC


Operating temperature: -10 degrees C 55 degrees of C
Store the temperature: -40 degrees C 65 degrees of C
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% (have no condensation)


[email protected] 500Hz (X, Y, Z three sides are to each an hour)


402mm(L) x 290mm(W) x 224mm(D)



Affiliated type

Strengthen the portable machine

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