Three brilliant high-performance vector frequency converters series S350

Dec 14th, 2011

Brand: The third SAJ- is brilliant

Name: Three brilliant high-performance vector frequency converters series S350

Type: S350

About products:

Three newest brilliant frequency converters, performance is steady,

The products are detailed:

S350 High-performance vector frequency converter Characteristic of the products

Adopt the newest high-speed electrical machinery to control the specialized chip DSP, guarantee the vector is controlled and responded to fast
It can be flexible not to have PG vector and control, have PG vector controlling, torque controlling, V/F that is controlled to choose
PG vector controls the low frequency moment to reach 180%, there is not PG vector that control the low frequency moment to reach 150%, it is stable to export
The hardware circuit module is designed, guarantee the circuit runs steadily and high-efficient
The steady speed precision can reach & plusmn; 0.2%, the rate of change of the speed is small at the time of low-speed, it is smooth to run
Dispose the advanced PID algorithm, respond to fast, have a good adaptability, debug simply
Dispose the simple and easy PLC function, multi-functional logic control of realizing timing, constant speed, directional etc., by flexible control
The way meets all kinds of complicated operating mode requirements
Built-in direct current applies the brake and adds energy consumption to apply the brake, realize and apply the brake to shut down fast
Allocate RS485 interface, dispose the international standard MODBUS RTU/ASCII communication agreement, can pass
PC/PLC waits for the location machine realizes group’s network centralized control of the frequency converter
It is wide to input voltage range, possess and output automatic steady voltage (AVR) The function, lose the electricity and does not shut down in the twinkling of an eye
The unique one ” The excavator ” The self-adaptation controls the characteristic, the electrical machinery torque upper limit is limited automatically, has inhibited the electric current
Strong input exports the multi-functional programmable end son, can realize 16 sections of speed conveniently, receive the high-speed pulse to input,
The simulation of No. two outputs the free choice
Adopt the independent tunnel to be designed, the fan can be dismantled freely, it is good to be scattered and hot

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