Mar 22nd, 2012

Brand: Grind the great worker to accuse of

Name: TPC7000

Type: TPC7000

About products:

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The products are detailed:


Product introduction:

19 ” person who expand the whole function touch, accuse of dull and stereotyped computer, the intersection of Intel and cool the intersection of Rui and 2 the intersection of core and low consumption processor

The characteristic of the products:

19″ Very colorful LCD, resolution ratio 1280×1024, the service life in a poor light is as long as not having fan Intel cool Rui TM2 one pair of nuclear processors to build low consumption in 50000 hours, collocate the intersection of Intel and 965GME and the intersection of ICH8M and the intersection of chip and group, support 224MB share apparent to exist and arm with the abundant daily interface of industrial control, support 3 RS232s and one RS232/422/485 and one bunch of mouths at most, 2 the intersection of Ethernet and mouth and 6 USB2.0 port hard disks adopt unique aseismatic design to touch and accuse of the screen and adopt Line eight resistance type, it can reach 6V- 30V direct current source 35 million times to input, offers and generates electricity and flows suddenly the insurance is designeds to click the number of times, can prevent, cause systematic component damage the products, allocate loud area aluminium fin active heat-dissipating designs and ball fans dispel the heat and design at the same time over because of electric current effectively, guarantee to work at the abominable industrial scene incessantly

Product specification

Organization’s parameter
Preceding board aluminium magnesium alloy material, the preceding board reaches NEMA IP65 and protects the grade
The structural all steel type body structure of case of body of case, the high temperature bakes the paint to deal with, and then inlay the heat-dissipating aluminium one of fin of large area
Install the way The embedded panel is installed and had the posture and installed
The power is imported 6V-30V direct current source input
Panel color Black
Overall size 470 x 385 x 91 mm (width x high and x deep)
Body size of the case 450 x 365 x 83 mm (width x high and x deep)
Make the hole size 453 x 368 mm (width x high)

Systematic parameter
Intel cool Rui TM2 one pair of nuclear 1.6GHz low consumption processors of dealing with device, can upgrade to 2.0GHz
Group Intel 965GME&ICH8M of the chip
Memory 1GB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM, can upgrade to 2GB
Magnetic disc SATA 160GB 2.5 ” HDD, available electronic hard disk
Reveal Intel DVMT3.0 224MB enjoys apparently and exists, supports one pair of screens to reveal
Port of the network Mbps RJ45 port of 10/100/1000 of 2 RTL8111Cs
Audio frequency AC97 high-fidelity audio frequency controller, LINE-out and MIC-in port
USB 4 USB2.0 ports
One bunch of mouths 4 RS232 ports
Keyboard of one PS/2 of PS/2 and a PS/2 mouse
Guard the gate dog Can programme and set up in 0~255 seconds

Environmental parameter
Working temperature 0~50& ordm; C
Store temperature – 20~60& ordm; C
10~95% of the @ 40& ordm of relative humidity; C (not condense)
Shake 50~500Hz, 1.5G, 0.15mm peak peak value
Assault 10G (11ms )

Type 19 ” SXGA TFT LCD of display screen
Maximum resolution ratio 1280 x 1024
The greatest color 16M
Reveal the area 376.32 x 301.06mm
Complex reaction time 6ms
In a poor light 4CCFL
MTBF in a poor light is 50,000 hours
Luminance 300cd/m2
Contrast ratio 700: 1
Distance of picture element 0.297 x 0.297
The greatest visual angle ( H) 160/( V) 160

Touch-sensitive screen
Type Simulation resistance type of Line eight
Resolution ratio 4096 x 4096
Touch the response time <5ms
Surface hardness 3H
Click efforts of 250 grams of life-span, 35 million times
Efforts of 250 grams in stroke life-span, 5 million times
Above printing opacity rate 81%
The constant temperature tests 85& ordm permanently and wetly; C / 90%RH / 1000 hrs
The high temperature tests 85& ordm; C /1000 hrs

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