U.S.A. Wichita pneumatic clutch, Wichita brake

Jan 13th, 2012


Name: U.S.A. Wichita pneumatic clutch, Wichita brake

Type: Wichita

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U.S.A. Wichita pneumatic clutch, Wichita brake

Source electric automatic Co., Ltd. supplies the letter of Shanghai with U.S.A. Wichita pneumatic clutch, Wichita brake.
It has already had a history of 40 years that Britain WICHITA Company is absorbed in the pneumatic, hydraulic pressure type and braked the design and manufacture of the clutch, field of applying the brake in which its product forms a complete set in heavy-duty equipment such as industry, mine, vessel, metallurgy, papermaking extensively. Have already authorized through and ISO14001 at present, and obtain the qualification of ship’s classification of the world to authorize, brake in the important supplier of the clutch on becoming the market.
In Chinese market, brake WICHITALIM / HIM / the intersection of WCM and series successfully already clutch apply the intersection of steel and trade to pitch and fly and cut at the production line in succession
Type: 108 SWCB, C 250 60 / 1750 2161 4-309-075-005-3 7-108-100-113-0, C 280 100 / 1750 3601 4-281-075-015-3 7-111-100-112-0, C 320 150 / 1750 5402 4-281-075-016-3 7-111-100-112-0, C 360 200 / 1750 7202 4-271-075-007-3 7-114-100-113-0, 8-908-912-100-5, 8-908-924-100-5 QRV, 8-906-912-200-4, 8-906-931-201-5 QRV\, 8-908-913-200-5, 8-908-931-200-5, 8-911-913-200-5, 8-911-931-200-5 QRV, 14″ 8-914-913-200-5,8-914-921-200-5 QRV, 16″ 8-916-913-200-5,8-916-921-200-5 QRV, 18″ 8-918-912-200-5,8-918-931-200-5 QRV, 21″ 8-921-913-200-5

The products include: Wichita pneumatic clutch, Wichita brake,etc.; Welcome the masses of customers to consult

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