Uneven voltage calling the police device series GF of three-phase intelligence

Dec 15th, 2011

Brand: Rec fields lying fallow in rotation

Name: Uneven voltage calling the police device series GF of three-phase intelligence

Type: GF-DY-AV600

About products:

Series GF

The products are detailed:

Uneven voltage alarm of GF series three-phase intelligence

First, product function are summarized:

The GF-DY series three-phase voltage uneven intellectual controller can set up PT parameter through the panel button, the digital tube reveals three-phase voltage value at the same time, reveal clearly and esthetically, can replace the traditional simulation indicator table directly. Uneven difference measures the warning function, monitor imbalance degree of the three-phase voltage, advance prewarning in abnormal operation of the system equipment, suit modern power supply, automatic instrument of a kind of high performance of the distribution system such as the industrial and mining enterprises, civil building, building automation.

Second, main technical indicator of products:

2.1,Mark and claim the signal is input: AC600V allows excessive Cheng: Instantaneous: 10 times per 5 seconds; Last: 1.2 times

2.2,Measure the range: 0- 600V (direct input) ,Beyond the scope of this voltage must connect the voltage mutual inductor

2.3,Reveal the range: 0.0- 600.0V

2.4,Measure the precision: 0.5%

2.5,Call the police and export: Call the police unevenly, the relay outputs the way: One group is often opened and often closed, the capacity of joint: 5A/220V

Uneven degree =(The largest items of voltage in three-phase voltage- Minterm voltage) the most in the three-phase voltage /The largest items of voltage 100%

Act as uneven degree> = At the time of uneven whole definite value, the movements of the alarm relay are exported, in uneven degree <at the time of uneven whole definite value, involution of the alarm relay.

2.6,Dielectric strength: IEC60255-52kVrms-1min

2.7,The endurance of working environment: IEC60068-1 and 20 ℃- +55 ℃

2.8,Use the occasion: There are not gas of corrosivity and metal dust, the height above sea level <3000m

2.9,The working power and consumption: AC(85- 265) V or DC (100- 275) V is less than or equal to 5VA

Fifth, appearance size and panel sketch map: Appearance size: 96 96 118 is (long and wide and deep) Make the hole size: Unit 91×91: mm

Sixth, input / output the typical wiring diagram:

Note: It is subject to that it is pursued that the wiring behind the instrument is pointed out to invite.

Note: According to the intersection of user and actual demand, will change some the intersection of end and function of son, please in order to supply the intersection of products and wiring, point out, pursue for accurate.

Seventh, use and attentive matters of the order:

1,Users must read the service manual carefully before using, exactly make wiring and operation according to the method that the manual stipulated strictly, otherwise will influence the normal running which uses security and instrument.

2,Users please consult the description of products about series GF in advance before ordering, do the function to choose according to the needs of reality.

3,Please insert the electric current, voltage signal according to the fixed phase place, make sure not to connect inside out.

4,Without permission, can’t open the instrument without authorization.

5,This accessories of a product: Install 1 pair of supports, 1 manual, 1 certificate of quality.

6,The quality from the day of dispatching from the factory of this product is protected for one year.

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